What the law of attraction teachers have wrong.

Discover why raising your vibration doesn’t work to manifest rapidly (and what does).

The Law of attraction teachings often fail in actual practice, because LoA only works on the weakest force in the Universe and doesn’t actually give you the quantum power to create or manifest anything.

Isis Jade explains the logic and science behind why “raising your vibration” actually repels what you want and how this may be the block that’s been limiting you in your life.

Isis Jade asks you to question everything to strengthen your faith and belief and see what happens when you delight yourself FULLY in life after getting very clear on your desires and dreams.

It was the late psychiatrist and consciousness researcher Dr. David Hawkins who showed that Fear has a constricted consciousness level, in contrast to Love which has a more expansive consciousness. Fear registers as 100 on a logarithmic scale of consciousness, while Love registers as 500. The energy of Love is calibrated as more expansive and capable of disentangling lower emotional states. Everyone misunderstood this scale of course, thinking it means to “raise” your vibration to stop feeling unwanted emotions!

The consciousness scale is not the same as an energetic vibrational frequency scale! It doesn’t measure frequency or vibrational pitch. Emotional measurements require multiple pinpoints to register – emotions are not registerable on a frequency scale alone. You must take measurements of the heart rate, pupil, skin, and the frequency and the pitch of voice. One person could feel happiness and joy with her amgydalae triggered at 50hz, while another could feel intense fear or uncertainty!

Anger and hatred are discordant frequencies – they don’t have harmonious wavelengths. They jump all over the place, which is why most people feel exhausted and depleted afterwards. They resonate frequency wise just as high and just as intensely as love and ecstasy which are harmonious and balanced frequencies.

You need to understand this, because “raising” your vibration or frequency does not mean you will eventually stop feeling lower consciousness emotional states. Raising your vibration beyond your own unique tolerance levels means you will increase stress on your energy field and will feel these more intently and often on behalf of those who cannot disentangle themselves from these emotional states.

Instead, focus on expanding your awareness, strengthening your own core vibration and realize its about creating your unique symphony.

Your vibrational frequency is your signature and it is unique to you. You need to ensure it rings out true, strong and with clarity. I liken this idea to what you would do with a Stradivarius over a $50 student violin. We know the strings each are tuned to a specific key and pitch to play. On the Stradivarius you won’t go cheap on the strings and you certainly would be exceedingly careful tuning such a precious instrument. You would not risk tightening the strings too much or you will damage the instrument!

That’s how you need to view yourself. As if you are the most precious musical instrument on the face of this planet. Your heart is your source of your unique vibration. Each string vibrates to its required key. We tune it until it vibrates in harmony with the key we wish it to register – but not irresponsibly raising our vibration and risk damaging ourselves!

If you tighten the strings on a violin trying only focusing on a higher vibration, what do you think will happen eventually? It will not sound right. It will feel awkward, unnatural and even worse, you could warp the violin! That’s what happens when you focus too much on “raising your vibration. Your system won’t tolerate it. It’s not even wanted on a quantum level!

Instead, focus on expanding your awareness. Tune back into yourself. Dig deeper to soar higher. Discover yourself and fall head over heels in delight and love with you.

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