In this video Isis Jade explains why the Law of Delight works faster than the law of attraction in manifesting ALL your dreams and desires

The Law of attraction only works on one force in the Universe and doesn’t actually give you the power to “create” anything – where The Law of Delight activates all the keys and unlocks ALL forces in the Universe to create on your behalf!

The Law of Delight turns on the spectrum of limitless possibilities in your life and enables you to literally create miracles.

This 7 day course is going to give you the background behind why the law of delight works faster than the law of attraction and how to being using it today.

People tell me they get more out of this FREE course than coaching, therapy and retreats they’ve paid for.

I will explain you don’t need to raise your vibration – and why the practice of “raising your vibration” may actually be holding you back from attracting what you really want in life!

“Law of Delight with Isis Jade” is dedicated to helping you manifest all your dreams and desires, create deeper relationships, manifest your soul purpose, create unlimited abundance, live a more passionate, adventurous life & achieve effortless success.

The law of delight has transformed my life & my goal is to share the secret of the law of delight with as many people as possible.

Isis Jade is the only Law of Delight Coach in the world and the leading global authority on universal laws, leadership, power, presence, prosperity, love, communication and success – helping millions through her coaching & online programs.

We teach you why law of attraction often fails, why affirmations often don’t work, how to use something 5,000 times more powerful than your mind to create anything you dream of or desire, and other secrets for success.

Law of attraction is the slow, hard way to successful manifestation.

You may have tried many law of attraction experiments and failed to get results, but the law of delight will help you get to the next level.