What governs the way we use Law of Delight to create our heart’s deepest dreams and desires
From the moment you have been introduced to the Law of Delight, you are starting to think about what delights you and excites you about life.Or at least you are beginning to consider these ideas. Some people come to me and tell me, “Isis I feel SO NUMB to joy, happiness or passion, I don’t even know what I delight in anymore! Help!”

Look, some of you are highly successful in achieving your dreams and goals, but you work very, very hard and are ready to consider another way to do this. Or maybe you burned yourself out, got very ill and received a serious wake-up call about life.

Today I am revealing you a big secret which guides the underlying power than enables you to manifest your deepest desires and dreams.It will help you understand why some people are amazing in manifesting each and every dream and desires of theirs while others struggle with every little thing and get so fed up and want to throw in the towel. Then they meet me at a networking event, run into me at a store, or find me online. And in a few minutes of my speaking with them, they feel like the “light” suddenly flipped “on”!

If you are thinking … ‘Isis, I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the law of attraction’, or ‘look the idea is interesting, but life is a lot harder than what you are claiming it is’ or ‘Am I missing something key here, because this sounds way too good to be true?’ then here is your answer:

It’s not about any one single technique or strategy that I could teach you! The Law of Delight is one-size-fits-all, but HOW you achieve your own delight is completely up to you! The secret behind all this is much deeper than any one technique, exercise or tool.

Here’s the secret. The Key is in knowing WHO YOU ARE.

Can you answer this question right now:


If you can understand this secret, realize you aren’t the person you pretend to be to others, and resolve to be the kind of person that delights themselves fully in life, and fully believes and expects all your dreams and desires will come to you, then any strategy that really connects with the way you learn will work for you.

And all your dreams become your living reality.

It’s this simple. Resolve to be the kind of person you dream of being. Resolve to have the life you dream of having. Just decide that this is you and that life is your life, right now.

I consider this secret is so much more important and primary than doing anything else.

You have to make a declaration. You have to declare who you are, what you want, and make it so clear and so tangible that YOU delight in being this person and living that way you cannot help but make this your reality.

There are many powerful tools and strategies, but if you miss this step – then NOTHING I give you will work for you. There is no workbook, no exercise, no tool, no concept and nothing else I can give you until you decide and commit 100% fully to living and being that way.

Your power of choice is your greatest superpower and who you are isn’t set in stone. You can change anything and everything about you – from the way you look to how you dress, but until you change who you are inside, from within, and be the person who you long to be, nothing changes outside of you.

Do you want more loving relationships? CHOOSE to be more loving.

Do you want to be more successful? CHOOSE to give greater value than you ever have before. Create and give so much value that it hurts that you cannot believe you are giving it and suddenly things will change.

This is why many people can “take that course” “read that book” “watch that movie”, and get nothing out of them. They chose NOT to. They decided to be skeptical and chose to live with a narrow mind and definite opinions because they are secretly afraid of being disappointed by believing in something different.

The reason is here. And I am helping you understand this secret today.

In this 7 day Law of Delight Online Course, I will give you a few strategies but let’s start with this most important key to manifesting your dreams and desires and being able to to receive them.

Be the kind of person who receives with love and appreciation. Be the kind of person who creates and gives value to the world around you. Be the kind of person who shares and expects nothing in return because you have a definite belief that kindness and delighting others is free and will always net a positive return on your investment in other areas of your life.

I have observed thousands of people failing in achieving something by practicing Law of Attraction or The Secret. They follow it for a brief period of time and then give up because they feel that their dreams are not coming true. They wish but fail to take any concrete inspired action.

Do you know, why is this happening? Because they failed to commit to their vision for themselves. They are terrified to get that deeply committed to themselves. They are so afraid to recommit to their dreams, that this “what if it fails” lives in the back of their mind constantly and trips them up.


What if… it does?

Delight yourself fully in life. Delight others fully in life.

Desire for something more. Deeply. Get so deep in your desire and so committed to it you will take action to delight yourself and give of yourself to make it happen.

Delight delight delight!

And the answer is here. If you aren’t manifesting its because you don’t understand ‘what kind of person are you?’. And you don’t understand what you need to shift inside of yourself (usually fear and de-armoring your heart so it can open up wide) in order to make room in your life for what you truly desire and dream of.

You don’t have to be a positive person 100% of the time to manifest!

The deeper secret you have to understand even before you start applying the Law of Delight is to understand “what kind of person are you?”.

And this defines why someone gets all their dreams fulfilled while others get some of their dreams and few others get none.