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Read On To Discover How A Former Trafficking Victim Faced Near Death, Escaped The Rat Race And Uncovered A Tremendous Secret that Enabled Her to Manifest Her Dream Life (And How You Can, Too …)


From: Isis Jade To: Seekers Who Are Ready For The REAL Truth About Reality Creation


My Dear, Delightful New Friend,


My name is Isis Jade…


I am DELIGHTED to meet you & truly excited to share with you the TRUTH about experiencing the unconditional passion, joy, love, excitement, and abundance you may have once felt as a child


(yet lost as an adult) …


It is so important for you to know how to bring this back to you so you can see for yourself …


How quickly POWERFULlife changing synchronicities start to appear right and left without you having to do much of anything …

How effortlessly it feels when everything you are asking for starts to fall into place with ease and grace

And how much more you can CREATE when you DEEPLY LOVE  & DELIGHT in your LIFE


Before we get started my dear, I want to give you a quick exercise.


Read the next line and then close your eyes,

place your hands (both of them) over your heart for a moment

and take three deep, cleansing breaths as you imagine…


 Your biggest, boldest and most impossible dream and desire you’ve ever had for your life (you know the one) …

Now, please follow along with me while you hold this dream in your heart and read this entire page to the very end …

I’m about to reveal a truly simple yet astonishingly effective technique I used to bypass the mind, let go of everything that was blocking me, sabotaging me, holding me back in fear, desperation, uncertainty, so I could finally achieve my dreams using …


The Most Powerful Creative Manifesting Energy Source IN the Universe!

I know, that’s a very outrageous statement.


But if you bear with me so I can share with you my story and show you just how truly misunderstood The Law of Attraction Teachings became and how I uncovered the TRUTH about how to rapidly create and manifest with ease and grace, you are going to want in on this secret, too!

But first, I think it’s important that you know where my journey started…

You see… this is where I was … just a few years ago …

I was held captive for 6 months in a tiny dark room (a room very similar to the photo above, built in behind a closet, only there were no lights, the walls were not white and shiny, and no one could hear me.).

I was beaten, raped, and tortured to near death before finally getting free. At one point in time, one of them drove me out to the middle of the desert and forced me to dig the graves of my baby girls while naked, at gunpoint while he explained exactly what he would do to them.

How I got out? Let’s just say getting out alive, was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. In fact, I later discovered that less than 1% of human trafficking victims escape alive. But, here I am. Alive, today.


When I finally got out, I walked for hours in 110 degree desert heat, not knowing where I was.

No money. No ID. Barely any clothes.

I was badly bruised. Multiple Concussions. 42 bruises and multiple lacerations. 

Blinded by light after not having seen day for months.

I don’t know how long it had been since I last had food or water.


I finally made my way to a neighborhood I recognized, where I collapsed unconscious in the bushes by a home.

Doctors told me I would lucky to see my 30s given the multiple brain trauma, the organ damage and malnourishment my body underwent while imprisoned. That I would be considered a walking, talking miracle if I made it to 40.

Well, along a long journey of recovery, I changed my hair and name, got myself and my kids out of homelessness and went back to school.

I worked hard at two jobs. Day and night. Slaving away, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”, so to speak. Before work I would be so nauseous and sick I’d throw up 4-5 times every shift. I had no idea PTSD was so debilitating until years later.


Between you and me, I lived in deep pain and fear of being found again nearly every single day of my life.


I had some debilitating health issues. Severe photosensitivity from being kept in darkness for six months, serious chemical sensitivity, as well as lung, stomach, kidney and liver problems. Worse was the excruciating pain that would twist my body up for weeks, leaving my left side numb and radiating pain.

Then we found out I had an autoimmune condition that was damaging my muscles and nerves.

I was diagnosed with Complex-PTSD, depression, brain damage, amnesia, ataxia, and a whole host of other major health issues.


I was angry, resentful, and between you and me I hated the world.

But the truth is, I secretly hated myself. After all, how could I have possibly have allowed this happen to me?

I was smart, intelligent, capable.

My therapist convinced me it was very important to “tell my story” about what happened to me.

I was bitterly angry, depressed, hurting, and full of rage. I also suffered from debilitating panic attacks, night terrors so bad I was scared to go to sleep. Anxiety and discomfort around any person. I met therapist after therapist, dozens of them. Not one knew quite how to help me heal. Most of them told me, I’d just have to learn to cope with my issues for the rest of my life.

Man, did I wallow in the self-pity victim blame game. For years.

Forgetting the one crucial thing. I got out alive. 

Anyways, I ended up going to work in corporate America as a consultant. It was a way I could work part time from home and part time in the office. I could avoid the lights, avoid people and manage projects remotely.

That’s where I met my ex-husband. 

I had only been out a couple of years, but my therapist pushed me to get involved in an intimate relationship. I was pretty antisocial and didn’t want to risk any involvement with anyone. She was insistent, however that “it was time for me to reengage with society in a relationship with a man was the right next step”.

So I agreed to go out on a few dates. I was love-bombed with roses, gifts, and endless phone calls and texts.

Before I knew it I was pressured into getting married in “an arrangement”.


I didn’t know what that meant except I would work for his business in exchange he would give me health insurance and provide a house and a good life for us. It soon became clear what he expected. it devolved slowly over time into chaos.


My ex-husband wasn’t an emotionally stable person. And given my history, well, you can imagine that was a recipe for disaster.  He uprooted our family to move every year or two, as he was involved in some illegal dealings I had no knowledge of… until one day, when everything hit the fan…


After being married and loyal to the same man for 14 long years…


 I slowly started to realize I had traded one form of slavery for another.

  … I slaved away my life for him and his business … … with nothing to show for it. Patiently waiting for the one day when he’d finally give me what he’d promised me after all that time… … a house of our very own… …. a good retirement… …. finally some stability and peace for our family… …  and a vacation a couple times a year. That’s all I wanted.

Ok, so maybe I was raised very old-fashioned. I dreamed of a small ranch with a beautiful home and lots of room for my kids and animals to play, far away from the rest of the world.

I was raised that a woman was supposed to be the heart & spiritual center of the family. Maybe you know what that means? Take care of the family, the house, the kids, be loyal, patient and unwavering for the man she married, do her duty, and he would provide for them and give her a home, and a good, stable, happy life.

What’s so wrong with that?

So, I just kept plucking along, trying to remain positive. After all, I was lucky any man alive would bother with me or find me at all worthwhile, after all I’d been through.

That’s what my husband kept telling me, anyways.

I was given a DVD called the Secret, and I started reading about all the Law of Attraction teachings.

I practiced everything they tell you, “like attracts like” and to “focus on the positive and things will get better”.

Anyways, I truly BELIEVED I was focused on positive energy, staying positive, doing the “right” things, investing positive energy, love and passion into my family and helping my husband with his business.

Before I knew it, he was talking about uprooting our family, again!

Suddenly here I was, 40 years old, working my butt off everyday, loyal to the same man I had married 14 years prior, but becoming increasingly ill and I had nothing to show for all my hard work.

My 40th birthday was supposed to be a major miracle milestone birthday celebration for me! But nothing could be further from the truth…

My husband didn’t get me anything.

He didn’t even acknowledge me.

I cried as he screamed at me about how I’d never amount to anything.

I was devastated.

So I took my kids to the beach and we celebrated by ourselves.

  I swung open our office door at 8:00 AM the next morning and noticed my phone had a voicemail. It was from my husband.

It said, in so many words:

I can’t live with you any more. The kids are driving me ******* insane. You are driving me ******* insane. I can’t take your nonsense.  You are unfit as a mother and your ridiculous demands are too much. I don’t know why I ever married you. I’m taking my son and leaving the country. You won’t see him again if you threaten me with a lawsuit or come after me for support.

I felt like all the air was sucked right out of me as I sank to the floor. Then wave after wave of panic and nausea punched me in my gut as all these emotions flooded through me … After 14 years of hard work, ripping my children out of school, packing up house after house, putting my own career, education, and business aspirations aside for him… … after all this endless sacrifice…

This was the thanks I got. 

  He promised me this year would be OUR “big year” …   … if only I’d keep working for him for free for a few more years…   Luckily I got back home before he did, and took my son and daughters with me and told him he had 4 hours to get his things and get out.   He did. He took off with our life savings and left me with nothing. Not one penny to take care of our three kids.

He kept holding my dream in front of me like a carrot on a stick.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself? Maybe in corporate America, where a promotion is promised but never fully delivered, or a relationship that never fully comes to fruition?

Well, he dangled that carrot in front of me, promising me that he’d get us our dream house and finally be stable – a carrot I had been chasing for my kids for over … A DECADE!

In fact it was the ONLY reason I kept waiting it out in a marriage I was secretly being abused in …

And one day… POOF! … just like that …It was ALL gone.   My mouth felt bone dry as I sat down and sat myself quietly into the chair in front of me staring at the piles of bills and trying to figure out how I’m going to handle it all without help … I had so much to say … so many questions racing through my head … I snatched up my phone and dialed my husband’s number … I didn’t even get the chance to speak … … he cut right in … “Isis, did you really believe I was going to do anything except leave?”

I replied, “I thought we were building a life, for us.”


He responded, “Not hardly. There never was an us. Just me. You guys aren’t worth it. Your idiot kids are just like you.”

  Really?   The phone went dead. All I heard was dead air. Are you serious right now? After 14 years, of living together... ….working together

raising kids together

  How could he be so cold to me after all my sacrifices?

I put up with all his criticisms, his anger, his lashing out. His going out all night, his disappearing for days at a time without even an explanation. His temper tantrums, his screaming. It was like living with Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. I never knew who I’d be talking to.

I wasn’t mad … at first… I was hurt. Because after letting him raise my hopes so high for so long, it felt like my heart got ripped right out of my chest, and was crushed beneath his feet!

Once again, he pulled the rug right out from under our feet and we were left to stand on quicksand.

And we were sinking fast.

I felt panicked. Scared. 

As I tapped my fingers on the phone, still in my hand, a surge of frustration stabbed at my insides like a swarm of angry hornets stinging their way out. My throat swelled up, my body shivered and I tried really hard not to cry …   “Pull yourself together, Isis ” I mumbled … I can’t even describe how devastated I felt … How after working my butt off, doing all his marketing, branding, writing, researching, managing his projects, shackled to his random wants like he owned my very soulI could finally see now that nothing I had held such deep beliefs in was true at all …

Was This Really My Life?

I followed all the rules…

I had all these serious health problems, which made it impossible for me to work full time.

I thought being married and having kids would give me happiness.

Don’t get me wrong. My kids are AMAZING and I deeply love them. 

But I was missing something KEY to my life. 

After he left, things got really ugly, really fast.

  Day after day, it was more of the same. Bills piling up, loans being taken out, yet I couldn’t seem to shake the ongoing sinking feeling that I would never dig out.  I was just so overrun with debt and physical pain that it felt like nothing I did was ever for me! I didn’t want to win the lottery… I just wanted to make a good living doing what I love …

Writing and teaching and giving the world something of value!

But here … I was just another woman who bought into the married life is a happy life game.   As I stood there ruminating over and over about how horrifying a turn my life had taken…

At that moment, it dawned on me that I was just another victim of a really brutal scam.

The most brutal scam of all that left me repeatedly penniless, debilitated, sick and heartbroken.

The “hard work, sacrificing yourself, slaving away for someone else’s dream” tunnel was not showing me any light at the end. It was a dead end.

I sold off what little we had left, and kept looking for work.

I hadn’t worked for ten years for anyone else except my ex-husband, and he wasn’t giving me any kind of references. I didn’t know what to do.

But, then that winter, just when I didn’t think things could get any worse for us…

the worst series of storms came blowing through and flooded out my house and took with it everything else we had.

I felt completely helpless.

I didn’t know what to do.

We had debt, bills, a molded rotted house and I had to take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans just to make ends meet, because after working for his businesses all those years…

I had nothing.

I was overwhelmed with fear, self-sabotaging thoughts, and terrified about what the future held for me.

I didn’t know what to do. My depression, anxiety, panic, and I felt like I was desperately trying to crawl up the sides of a sand pit that was sucking me in.

I felt like a vice was clenching my chest, suffocating me …

My entire life started to feel like a prison cell

my clothes … a straight jacket

my past …a ball and chain I kept dragging around with me

In the midst of 18″ of water I was pumping out of my flooded and now molded out rental house, choking back tears and trying desperately to salvage what’s left of my life, well… that’s when I dropped it all, went outside and I saw something so disturbing, my life would never be the same …


I opened the door and walked up my hill to this little bench where I’d often go sit alone.

Shoulders droopedfeet dragging

I staggered towards the edge of the hill thinking about all the men from my past who used me and abused me, all the people who took advantage of me, the time I spent in the darkness for month alone….

all the wasted time, the effort the past 14 years, all that I sacrificed to be here now.  …


How could he do this to me? After all I’ve given! I sacrificed everything!


I stared down the hill. Across the valley. Then I got up and walked down to where the water had streamed down our hill flooding our back patio until it had become a veritable lake.

I stared down at my reflection in a half-conscious trance until the sunlight on the water broke my gaze

I blinked again… and that’s when I saw … Her.

This faded, strung out … haggard looking old woman I barely recognized slumped over staring in the water as well …

She must have been more than 10 years older than me, wearing the same clothes as me, clutching her hands together just I was…

She had these dark and tired bags under her eyes… depressed lines cornering her mouth … Her hair a thinned-out, grayed out mess … her forehead wrinkled from all the worry and stress…

She never looked up. Instead, her dull and empty eyes stared down at the gray reflection…

just as I was …

The kind of cold blank stare you see when someone has given up all hope on life.

I realized then… I was looking at myself!

My heart knocked against my ribcage as if something was trying to wake me up, and it hit me like a ton of bricks …


This was IT!

There is no light at the end of the “self-sacrificing” tunnel I had been digging all this time! All I was doing was sabotaging myself over and over again! Giving up on MY DREAMS and chasing someone else’s!   And if I didn’t do something NOW, I was staring into the abyss of my future …   It was like a giant crossroads opened up in front of me. I knew I could only go in one of two directions


I could do nothing. Say nothing and continue to work hard like a rat on a wheel, slaving away and sacrificing my heart and soul for EVERYONE else. But that road would just get me more of the same … Or I could take the road I ended up taking …


I made a declaration and drew a line in the sand … and said

”Enough is enough! It’s time for things to change & that change begins inside me!”


That weekend I was at my good friend Bridget’s house for dinner

Her best friend, Martin was in town …

Martin was a professor giving a lecture on quantum physics at the local university…

And since Bridget and I were good friends, I would see Martin once in awhile …

I was really upset and tried not to show it over dinner …

But after a couple of glasses of wine, I couldn’t hold back my tears, and it all came pouring out.

“Bridget?” I said …“I need to know something …

How do you do it? I mean, look at you …then look at me. Went to school together. Did EVERYTHING together.

So why is it that YOU have all this money and free time while everything I’m trying to do just ends up failing!

How is it you live in this magnificent house, make almost FOUR TIMES as much money as I ever have …

While here I am – killing myself to find even one contract, slaving away working crazy hours, doing everything alone and getting nowhere in my life? I feel like I’m being swallowed up in quicksand and I just can’t seem to get ahead.

“What are you doing that I’m not?”

Bridget turned to me and put a hand on my arm

That’s when Martin stepped in to save her…

“It’s OK, Isis … I know you’re upset. But the answer is all in the first words you spoke, ‘killing yourself, slaving away, getting nowhere, quicksand.’ I’ll explain.

I heard about what happened with your ex. And Bridget told me about your history.  I want to show you something. I understand you love to read, which is why I brought you this …”

He reached into his briefcase, pulled out a single slip of paper and placed it in my hands.

It was …


A Psalm from the Bible …

The last thing I need is a discussion about religion. I shrugged, said “thanks but I’m not interested.” And handed him back the paper. (before you leave, I want you to understand THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS CONVERSION TRICK!) After dinner, we sat together in the living room and he told me about “The Science of Getting Rich”, “Think and Grow Rich” and told me about other Universal Laws.

Now, I had studied the “Law of Attraction” …

And long story short … I had become a skeptic.

Even though I had read all there was to read about the “Law of Attraction”, I kept feeling that something in my unconscious mind kept getting me pulled right back into this enslavement paradigm that was holding me hostage!

I loved the ideas about thinking abundant … However, I grew up in a house where our family motto was always … “Work hard and martyr yourself.” …so it honestly felt like wanting “more than I needed” was wrong … And manifesting a few million dollars felt way out there for me … So, I turned to Martin and scoffed, saying …

“Wait … That’s IT?

You want me to “think” and get rich? I KNOW there’s more to it than that!

Martin sighed

“Actually Isis, there is a lot of missing pieces to what people teach about The Law of Attraction.

That’s why I wanted to give you that piece of paper before I left.

I want you to read it 100 times. Because you’ve forgotten what you are here to do. And then I want to talk to you about it tomorrow.

Now if you’ll excuse me ladies, I have to rest for my lecture in the morning.”

Martin put on his jacket, reached in his pocket and handed me a business card and that slip of paper again.

“Isis … Read this one sentence 100 times tonight. Then… call me tomorrow. I’ll explain it then. OK?” We said our goodbyes and Martin was out the door … As I drove home that night my mind was racing a mile a minute. I was skeptical by nature, and by my very nature, I HATED anything religious. But, something deep inside me really wanted to believe… Could one slip of paper hold the answer?  Is there something that really could help me live a better life? That night I did what Martin asked me to do.

I opened that slip of paper when I got home and repeated it 100 times.

I felt silly. Really silly. But then, something dawned inside me.

I had an epiphany.

Next, I ran to the computer and fired it up.

I started searching for other quotes from other philosophers that I remember reading.

And before I knew it, I realized I had stumbled upon something utterly magical.

It was all so exciting … like I found a secret no one except Martin and I and a few select people throughout history knew about!

I read ALL the well-known books on Law of Attraction.

I knew some strategies and techniques worked, but I also knew other things ended up running counter to our best intentions.

For once, I felt like maybe – just maybe – things might finally turn around for me …

Martin knew that he set me on the quest of my life. 

I called him the next day.

The first thing I said to him when he answered the phone was,

“This is the only stairway to heaven according to Plato. The perfect movement of the soul, according to Aristotle. It’s the most powerful creative force in the Universe according to the Upanishads. And there is a Tantric Sutra I found at about 3am this morning that calls it THE FIRST LAW AND ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE…

but I STILL don’t understand what it is you are trying to tell me.”

Martin laughed. He laughed long and loud. 

“Isis, I KNEW you’d figure it out. Now, you’ll start to figure out how it all works. YOU WERE BORN TO DELIVER THIS MESSAGE.”

“What message, Martin?”

“The Law of Delight, dear. Go now.”

Unfortunately, Martin died less than a week later. But, that slip of paper he gave me is one of my most treasured possessions.


I Decided to Put This “Secret Power Force of The Universe” To The Test

  First I tried to manifest one thing, just to see what would happen using the tools and strategies I learned from the Law of Attraction… I ran through a few strategies to manifest a way to give me some time and money while I figured this out and reestablished my life. I left the request of HOW open. I asked for a new car, a new house, some money, and good health… but …

Nothing happened.

“Well maybe I’m jumping the gun,” I thought.

I looked at my pile of bills, looked at the mess of my house, my pile of rejection letters from employers and agents for my book.

Nothing changed.

I was feeling pretty low.

So I went back and did some more research. I found another tantric sutra that contained some interesting instructions on how to make a small request that paves the way for bigger things.

I realized I was still trying to force my manifestations into a container that I expected.

So I started with the smaller stuff … like my money situation… I felt more positive … but still nothing “changed” …

And I realized it was because, nothing inside me was changing.

I didn’t feel DELIGHTED about money.

I felt godawful miserable.

And I couldn’t teach this Delight stuff if I am not delighted with my own life and manifesting amazing things for myself.

So I started at the bottom



Well, I delight in my kids.

I delighted in dance.

I really delight in teaching.


I was terrified of public speaking and really scared of rejection and being seen…

I felt like an imposter.

So there’s a self-sabotaging dynamic.

I was terrified of intimacy and being controlled by a man again.

So, I went back to the connection between money and men.

Money was a big issue for me because of my history.

Money felt really dark, scary and heavy for me. And so did men.

Money didn’t come through something I created, because nothing I created was for MYSELF. MY DREAMS.

It was always for someone else. Their dreams.

Not me.

So I kept going back to the drawing board, but after awhile it didn’t seem to be working I couldn’t find a way to get delighted with my life! I felt too burdened, too much pain and heartache, too sick, depressed, stressed out and too exhausted.  I kept trying but after a while, I felt REALLY stupid.

I Figured This Whole Law of Delight/Law of Attraction, Think Your Way to a Happy Life Just COULD NOT POSSIBLY Work for Someone BROKEN Like Me with My Past.

At one point, I got so angry that I actually took all the self-help, positive psychology and even my own books I had written the off the shelf and hurled them all into the trash bin. “No more “woo woo ju-ju” bullshit,” I said out loud … It’s all a bunch of nonsense. In an act of desperation, I actually started working harder and trying harder than ever before. I started going back to school. I started desperately sending out resumes. I even opened up a business for a short period of time! I kept begging for money and stability to show up for me. If I work harder at this, or that. If I throw EVERYTHING at the wall, SOMETHING is bound to stick and succeed. This went on for over a year!

Until I got very, very sick.

And ended up bedridden.

In agonizing pain.

I closed up my business.

Another failure.

I gave up. 

I was so depressed, so empty, so lost. I couldn’t continue.  I sat in the bathroom, crying tears of pain, feeling the jabbing isolating  feeling of loss, empty and completely alone. I didn’t know what to do. I was terrified. Alone. I didn’t know how to form networks, how to build relationships, how to make this all work. I was broken. After all, I lived without delight for so many years, I didn’t know how to teach this, much less enjoy any part of life. Suddenly, I heard something. A loud voice.

“Remember the Miracle”

I stood up and looked around. And suddenly, I remembered.  Call it a “random weird” experience, “synchronicity” or “twist of fate” or whatever you will … But it just so happened I had completely forgotten that fateful day when I had walked out of captivity blinded by light and being told I would never regain full use of my body, that I would never be able to live a full life.  That I would always struggle with cognitive brain damage and serious physical health issues. That I would be lucky to see the age of 30 and it would be a miracle…. to be here now.

I stood and looked in the mirror and I told myself FOUR THINGS.

I kept telling myself THOSE FOUR THINGS over and over until I experienced a revelation.


And it worked.


I started laughing and dancing and threw my arms open wide.


I found it. I truly found what I had lost all these years.


The Law of Attraction IS real.

AND so is The Law of Delight. 


The Law of Delight says, quite simply this:

“Delight yourself FULLY to receive the desires of your heart.”

The Law of Attraction, merely reaffirms this for you by stating:

“Like attracts Like.”

Just like you, a lot of people have been receiving the wrong message about HOW the Universe REALLY operates. They struggle to make it work because they missed the most important part! You see my dear beloved friend, you need to understand…

There is One Critical Thing Blocking You

From Getting EVERYTHING You Want! And it’s not your fault because it has nothing to do with YOU. I read  a scientific case study run on a group of male mice in a lab… These mice were conditioned every day since birth… To fear the scent of cherry blossoms … Researchers would vibrate the floor of the cages while releasing cherry blossom scent into their habitat … Until the mice would react in fear just to the smell of cherry blossoms alone! Next, these mice were then bred with female mice who had no part of the cherry blossom experiment …

They weren’t even in the same lab.


Guess What Happened?

Their offspring had the same terrified reaction to the smell of cherry blossoms that the father had, even though they never felt the floor vibrate in their lives.   Not even once! They then went on to discover that the same fear was passed down from parent to child for as many as SIX GENERATIONS!     This study went on to conclude that most of our fear is conditional fear is passed down from parent to child …

A completely different scientific study found the SAME THING HAPPENED WITH CHIMPANZEES.

The child experiences the same fear as the parent, without EVER knowing why it exists.

Think about it.    Your beliefs about about fear, relationships, happiness, delight, joy, religion, politics, money, love, success ALL OF IT…   (about having what you really want in life)… are all based on conditions that run in your BIRTH family … You might even be struggling with fears of failure and success that your great, great, great grandfather developed a century ago…     These were buried in genetic encoding which turned into YOUR beliefs about what is possible for YOU in YOUR life without ever knowing it!     That’s why, for most people, growing old means accepting limits and settling for less. Just like their family did …         It’s all unconscious! UNTIL You BREAK FREE AND FIND YOUR OWN PATH TO DELIGHT.

That’s Why The Law Of Attraction ‘Works’ For SOME PEOPLE, BUT NOT OTHERS


There is so much misinformation out there about The Law of Attraction Teachings.  It is hard to tell what is real, and what is fake. But here’s where we are going now on divergent paths.

I’m going to take you deep into your life to find the source of what delights YOU most of all and I’m going to help you bring it full out into your life so you can tap into that powerful CREATIVE energy vortex and manifest MORE of what you desire most in your life.

    After all my years of research and practice, I’ve learned it really comes down to two simple things. Something VERY powerful you must use to manifest – and has nothing to do with your brain …   I will show you …

  • The seven simple steps that manifest ANY dream or desire on your behalf, and how anyone can use these steps to see themselves get what they ask for …
  • How your mind secretly “tricks” you into manifesting what you do NOT want, and how to turn that around into the most powerful asset in your life…
  • The #1 reason why manifesting doesn’t work for most people, and how anyone can put The Law of DELIGHT to work for them without doing anything difficult, silly or weird

Then, I am going to reveal to you my greatest discovery

How to Discover Your Own PERSONAL “Golden Spiral of Delight” to Trigger A Physiological Mechanism 5000 times* More Magnetic & More Powerful Than Your Brain!


And how you can use this to trigger the Law of Delight to REALIGN ALL OTHER UNIVERSAL LAWS AND EVEN YOUR ENTIRE REALITY if you apply it the right way!


As I sat down and looked at what I was doing in my life, I realized everything was pointing me down this path. All the destruction, the time spent in slavery, the failed relationships, inability to find employment and the failed marriage, even the flood and total loss of all my possessions.

Everything was about wiping away my slate clean so I could learn to truly manifest from a pure space of utter DELIGHT and JOY that had nothing whatsoever to do with anything happening outside of my own self.

  I want to reveal to you how it works, and where this magnificent power comes from … It will feel to you like the last piece of the puzzle will fall into place for you …

Anyways… Later that night after I found and reclaimed my SOUL’S DELIGHT

  My eyes opened wide as I scribbled everything down as fast as I could… Then, with nearly two full notepads soaked with ink, I went home and typed it all up on my computer … Over the next few weeks, I reaffirmed what I wrote through extensive research and wrote my first book, DELIGHT.   Since then, I had been breaking everything down into dozens of strategies, tricks and techniques… That would give ANYONE leverage in every situation and put the Universe IMMEDIATELY on YOUR side … Scrolling through the completed files, I felt a jolt of electricity pulse through me  … a deep glow of powerful light pulsated throughout my entire being I finally did it … I’d created THE treasure map to having the life I really want by tapping into my personal source of limitless power – My GOLDEN SPIRAL OF DELIGHT. And I created a NEW BASELINE FROM WHICH I CREATE MY LIFE FROM.   About a month later, I pulled up to my local wine bar, late in evening  …     I had spent the past month using BASELINE INVOCATIONS to Maximize my dream vision of the love of my life… The dream I secretly held in my heart since I was a child. What he’d look like. What he’d sound like. What he’d feel like. What he would say to me. A five minute exercise designed to create a VOID then FLOOD your entire being with unstoppable DELIGHT, power, charisma, and confidence, by tuning into your soul’s core energy and swinging wide open the door to the Zero-Point field for you… When I opened my eyes, I saw a  voicemail on my phone, but this time, it wasn’t from my ex-husband… It was from the man I was about  to meet. Telling me he was “delighted” and “excited” to meet me, tonight. In fact he texted immediately after hearing my voice telling me, “After hearing the sonorous tones of your angelic voice and laughter, I INSIST on meeting you tonight, no matter what.” In the middle of the worst storm to yet hit our small town, I drove carefully to the wine bar, which was supposed to have been closed for a private event. With the wind whipping and the rain falling, I got out of the car gingerly. It was time to say hello.   How meaningful it is to love and be loved …

I had channeled a message on my dating profile less than a week prior. Posted four simple photos of myself.

I imagined delighting myself fully in life and less than a few days had gone by and I had dozens of responses.

But only one man caught my eye.

This one.


I walked up and there he was, standing under the eaves, smiling a huge smile.

I could feel it already inside me.

Something exciting, but in a powerful way.

This was different.


I made my way across the street and it took everything inside of me not to jump into his arms and ask him “where have you been all my life?” I smiled and said hello. He opened his arms and smiled, saying, “I’m excited to meet you.” We hugged. Tightly.

Knowing my history, you have no idea how difficult that would have been for me. To allow a stranger to touch me like that.

He held open the door, we took our seats and I immediately pulled out my book, DELIGHT and told him, “I was told to give this to the man I met here tonight.” He looked startled for a moment, then took the book, opened it, and said, “Hmm… DELIGHT. Yes my dear, I definitely need more of that in my life. You heard correctly.”


Later on, as we chatted for nearly 6 hours that night, laughing and forgetting ourselves and the time until he touched my hand. It was magic. I felt all the signs go “green” and a big “YES” over his head. I could feel him in a way I never felt anything before.

I was terrified, yes.

Scared, yes.

But I also knew this was that first little doorway I was opening to a whole brand new world of endless possibilities.


So, I let go.


I delighted fully in him.


And I fell in love.

  Was there a “lucky” string of synchronicity that made it all possible? Maybe. His profile he had just opened the night before. We literally fell into each other’s laps. As I read over the program I developed, I delight up all over again. My future FEELS bright again… I am inspired again…

And now, I receive money as gratitude from my new friends I make every month who take one of my courses, read one of my books or buy one of my meditations.


It finally feels amazing to be alive again.

  Just like I was when I was a little girl… Full of hope and dream and wonder and awe… And the world is my oyster

The pearls of treasures waiting for me to come and collect them all and delight in their magnificence!


Imagine Being ALIVE AND FILLED With Joy, Passion And DELIGHT For Life!

I bet you can feel right now how liberating that will be…   A friend was struggling with a career transition. She begged me to help her. “You have a way with these things, Isis” she said. I sent her my course and a few exercises. The next day she emailed me with a big huge “WOW” in the subject line, that said… “Isis, my GOSH your DELIGHT-FULL SOUL PURPOSE G.P.S. was brilliant. I knew my last job was a dead end …” “I’m going to be an artist, it’s what I really want. I finally have the courage to say that out loud! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” My daughter came into the room, she must have heard me on the phone… She’d been struggling for weeks and feeling “stuck” about her life in working to make ends meet, just like I was. She felt like she was being forced to give up her dreams… I showed her The CORE Belief Time Machine to use every morning… A few months later, not only did she graduate college, she got her head shots done and  … And had three agents waiting to work with her!

I followed my gut to turn back on my Facebook page, record a few videos, and restart my online website, and before long … I manifested a tribe with hundreds of thousands of DELIGHTFULL souls around the world… Creating a DELIGHTFULL community in the world thanks to the power of my BASELINE INVOCATION system … This program is called THE LAW OF DELIGHT because it …

Reconnects You BACK to Your Original Source of DELIGHT & JOY You Once Experienced As A Child Without Prior Beliefs or Conditioning Holding You Back …

So you can delight yourself & the Universe will REALIGN REALITY to create ALL your dreams and desires FOR you in your life ON YOUR BEHALF. And now, after YEARS of testing  … It’s finally ready for a few select people … The complete system for manifesting using Your OWN GOLDEN SPIRAL OF DELIGHT to expand outwards from you and automatically CREATE and MANIFEST and bring ALL YOUR DREAMS AND DESIRES TO YOU. Which brings us to here, and brings us to you learning how to manifest from YOUR CORE BASELINE too … I am about to help you unleash a tremendous power that’s already inside you, but unlike what all the “Gurus” teach, this power is not in your mind … It’s not even in your crown. It’s not your third eye.


You see, your heart is a POWERFUL magnet, and emits the ONLY energy that truly matters when it comes to CREATION AND MANIFESTATION … You might feel like it’s magic when you learn to create your GOLDEN SPIRAL of DELIGHT from within it, but I promise it’s NOT magic … It’s science …

The Proven Science Of Heart-Based Manifesting

*In 2003, Dr Rollin McCraty at the Institute of Heartmath… Used an EKG machine (and other heart monitors) to measure the amplitude of brain waves versus heart waves … And discovered that the magnetic field produced by your heart is about 5,000 times more powerful* than the field produced by your brain… And this energy changes based on our feelingsnot our thoughts or false emotions! So it doesn’t matter if you convince your mind you can have something logically. If your heart doesn’t believe it’s possible, it will never manifest! Another scientific study proved that we don’t just have one mind or brain, but we actually have SEVERAL, the most powerful of which is encased in a bundle of tissue inside the heart. What we’ve since learned is the Heart Mind. Ancient Egyptians knew this and revered the heart as the source of all intellectual genius, healing, Ka (spirit) and power. However … when you DO “believe in your heart” … You can tap into that same electromagnetic energy and feel your manifesting powers amplify … This is why those so-called “lucky” people just “manifest” whatever they want. They simply “believe in their heart” they will receive it … and they do! But what if you struggle to believe in your heart because it’s been broken? Or it’s fallen victim to generations of fear like those conditioned mice in a cage? What if these cycles of failure run in your blood? How then can you take advantage of the incredible magnetism available to you? Great question. There’s a VERY specific way to OPEN your heart back up to send and receive POWERFUL SIGNALS out to the Universe. It’s a 10,000 year old technique I discovered reading an ancient tantric manuscript after visiting a monk while journeying through Southeast Asia. We both practiced it and discovered just how immediately powerful it was in manifesting ANYTHING you desire. Rapidly. And I teach it to you. You’ll discover

  • Your Grounding ENERGY Set Point,
  • How Masculine “DIVINE LIGHT” Energy Combines with Feminine “DIVINE LOVE” Energy in your Heart and becomes the Catalyst to manifesting ANYTHING into your life.
  • How to use Invocations to ACTIVATE a new Baseline & Grounding energy set point that ENABLES you to receive your heart’s desires.
  • How to use the Core Belief Time Machine to embrace your TRUE AUTHENTIC NATURE.
  • How to clarify and embrace your Soul Purpose using my DeLightFULL Soul Purpose GPS.
  • How to create a Clear Declaration that practically forces the Universe to grant you your heart’s desires.

Let’s start with the first…

Your GROUNDING ENERGY SET POINT Is The “SAFE PLAYGROUND” That Exists Between Your Heart, Mind And Body

It’s where your core belief system exists and defines for you your senses of what’s safe, what’s secure, what’s right and wrong, what’s “realistic”, what’s dangerous, and is where ALL your gut decisions get made without your conscious mind ever getting involved… Some people call this the sub-conscious mind. But it’s far greater than a simple mental process. Your GROUNDING ENERGY SET POINT exists as a filter. It is what filters your expectations for the future based on the past and also where you often end up self-sabotaging yourself without realizing it. So imagine what would happen if this filter was made up of every limit, condition, belief, unresolved trauma, rejection, heartbreak, broken promise, stolen opportunity, failed dreams, limitations and failure you’ve ever had? Or anyone in your family history ever had? What would your future look like? What do you think would get filtered through? And that’s what most people do. They try to manifest a better life through these filters of fear, trauma and failures from their past! That’s what happened to me, and what I had to learn to inverse … If you’ve struggled to manifest the life you want then you’re probably doing it too. However, when you get out of your own way and allow yourself to be filled with DELIGHT Energy from within your own Heart, amazing things happen. Thankfully for people like us who have been to hell and back again, there IS a better way. You activate your soul’s baseline and change your filters.

How Life Transforms When You “Activate” Your Soul’s Baseline & Realign To A New Grounding Energy Set Point

When you activate your Soul’s Baseline and Realign Yourself to a New Grounding Energy Frequency … It’s like you’ll get to see the forest for the trees for the very first time … As if you were high upon the mountain top, looking down at your life with a newly heightened awareness of your full manifesting power. Your addiction to negative energy and thought patterns melts away, making room for unlimited abundance in your life … You become a Delight Maker – A Creator of ease and grace … You manifest from a higher energy frequency so things flow faster and easier … Your decisions are smarter and your purpose becomes crystal clear … Your emotional, spiritual and mental slate washes clean so you wake up with a brand new lease on life because your tiny mind is no longer in the driver’s seat. It’s your heart driving  – your Soul. Your DeLight Maker is now in charge… The Law of DELIGHT enables you to Delight yourself fully in life and receive ALL your heart’s desires. Get in touch with your original state of abundance … And finally feel what it’s like to see yourself delighting in the life of your dreams …



That’s what THE LAW OF DELIGHT PROGRAM does for you.

It resets your  Baseline and realigns your Grounding Energy Set Point …

These two pieces MUST be in place, so you can begin creating A Golden Spiral of ENDLESS CREATIVE DELIGHT ENERGY – A VORTEX OF UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM. So you can live your life on your terms and manifest without anything blocking you…

Putting The Law of DELIGHT (and all the other 400 Universal Laws) to work FOR you rather than you working AGAINST the Universe …

So you can enjoy the deeply fulfilling life you know you were meant for! It begins with wiping your slate clean and awakening your true potential …

Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Find Inside THE LAW OF DELIGHT MASTERY PROGRAM (Week by Week):

Haunted by old limitations that keep getting in your way? Use the …

The CORE Belief Time Machine

A “done for you” technique is simple and rewires all “emotional memory” …

So you can finally let go of the trauma that happened in your past (or in your family) …

And reprogram your heart so you can allow yourself to receive a better life!

Next we’ll …


How to quickly inverse negative energy into a personal, powerful and unstoppable vortex …

And shift back into your powerful, radiant, magnetic self

Even when in a rage…

no matter how scary things may seem right now!

Curious what it’s like to have it all? …


A simple 30 minute retreat that cultivates a deep sense of relaxation, love and appreciation in your life …

So you receive answers and blessings and not push them away like you used to!

Always wonder what makes success look easy for others?

The Goal Getting Cheat Sheet

Allows you to quickly uncover your optimal path to achieving your goals …

And takes the hard part out of getting things done …

Without spinning your wheels and wasting your time!

(Warning: Only use this if you are finally ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and start LIVING your LIFE!)

Next I’ll show you the …


This astonishing method sharpens your intuition …

And aligns you with your true passions and purpose in life …

Without fear of failure …

No matter how deep that fear runs in your D.N.A!

Use this and you can finally give your greatest gifts to the world…

And it will never EVER feel like work because you love what you are doing.

Next you’ll get…

The Dream Incubator

This one is so easy to use, yet so effective

It empowers you to manifest from 3 unique “vantage points”

Where your capacity for abundance expands beyond your where you’re at now …

Until you can vividly see yourself reaching out …

And grabbing MORE of what life has to offer …

Have you ever said negative things to yourself?

You’ll be amazed at how fast that changes with …

The Epiphany Amplifier

This step-by-step “autosuggestion” technique puts you in control of receiving what you want…

Enriching your soul with 100% belief

So you’ll seize new financial, spiritual and relationship opportunities you’d otherwise miss

Next you’ll skyrocket your courage to new levels …

When I introduce you to…

The LOVE & LIGHT Power Generator

I’ll show you a brand new way to picture yourself …

Feel supremely confident and respected by every person you meet.

Step by step you’ll activate your 3 internal “dan tien” power centers ...

To become inspired and motivated, giving you a serious advantage over others.

(Side Effect: People will like you and want to help you succeed much faster

And those who once held you back might get jealous of how much you’ve changed.)


This next one is my favorite. It’s called …


If you want to hack your reality and make your own rules, you’ll love this …

I’ll show you a powerful framework for human consciousness…

Allowing you to avoid pitfalls of “low vibration” people …

And tap into a high vibration “collective wisdom” …

That puts you on the fast-track to feeling accomplished and evolved

This alone shortcuts your learning curve by half or more!

ooo… then how do we use that inspired action?


We all have greatness sleeping within us.

But Greatness doesn’t mean being the best or competing with anyone else.

It simply is a matter of being the very best at being YOU.

This is the step that takes that Golden Spiral and gives it another turn so you can stretch yourself a little more.

I’ll show you how to effortlessly step outside of your comfort zone …

Feel FULLY embodied and FULLY alive as the Great Delight Maker you Are

Manifesting opportunities with ease and grace that allow you to shine out …

You’ll discover how GOOD it feels to stretch and grow!

…we expand into this new experience with…

Next you’ll discover …


This little known “hack” to dissolve hidden fears …

As you feel your way into deep emotional freedom

Flushing stress and anxiety out of your body like water down the drain …

So you keep calm and stay in control!

You’ll also discover how to call into your life exactly those people and opportunities who can help you.

But what about those times where you slip back into a bad emotional place?

Transcending & Transforming ALL Blocks & Limitations

Use this when you feel low to banish “downward spirals” of negative energy …

How to remove ALL blockages so your heart erupts with startling new insights

Allowing you to find solutions you could never see before…

Important: You’ll also get…

And manifest from a positive place. You’ll laugh at how easy it is to do!

Next you’ll raise the bar for what’s possible in your life, with…

The Manifestation Maximizer

Using a simple exercise, you’ll create room in your life to have what you want

So you invite more of what you want into your life.

If you’ve ever had trouble “feeling like you already own something” then this is for you …

Because as soon as you put it to use …

You’ll feel an uplifting personal power vibrate through every single cell of your body …

While your energy tunes into the specific vibration of having what you want …

Allowing EVERYTHING to align with your heart’s deepest core desires …

As you catch a glimpse of the…

The Lifetime Delight & Abundance You Can Create For Yourself And Others

And that’s just a small taste of what’s inside this powerful and life changing program…

Just Imagine …

Imagine your feelings of lack and scarcity and anxiety evaporate like water on a hot summer day … Imagine your frustration of “not having enough” float away like a child’s balloon … Imagine looking at your bank account with a big happy smile … Imagine seeing your family proud of your achievements … Imagine feeling like one of those “lucky people” after all. Imagine having more time, more energy, and more freedom…

To do what you want … whenever you want … however you want to do it …

So you can feel your original state of abundance, follow your bliss and live on YOUR terms because you’ve reset your Intention Point you love your life, and your actions feel effortless as a result … Honestly, I can’t wait for you to know what it feels like … To have the Universe on your side … providing for you … To know how to manifest what you’ve always wanted … To believe without question you deserve everything you ask for … To strip away your family generations of fear… And align with the natural abundance hidden within your heart until you can see yourself



Have The Life You Really Want Starting Today!

My name is Isis Jade

And today, I’m proud to present our breakthrough program

The Law of Delight Mastery Program: Your Personal Source Of Limitless Power

The Law of Delight Mastery Program: Your Personal Source Of Limitless Power will help you manifest no matter how many times you may have tried and failed before …

And no matter what your life looks like right now…

The Law of Delight Mastery Program: Your Personal Source Of Limitless Power is a simple step by step system for “effortless, delightful living & manifesting” broken down into child-like simplicity …

So you can absorb everything quickly. You can log in and listen to them at any time and put the strategies to work right away …

You’ll also access to The Law of Delight Group on Facebook so you will have immediate access to me and our community to answer any questions you have, support you in your manifestation progress and help you amplify your dreams and desires…



Let Me Transplant Everything I Know About Manifesting Into Your Life!

Next you’ll get access to all of my…

DELIGHTFULL Manifestation Accelerators

A sequence of high-octane transformation hacks that peel your limiting conditions away one layer at at time…

Like peeling an onion to it’s core

These step-by-step hacks are so simple and easy to use …

They speed up your manifesting process without negative blocks and fears of failure getting in your way…

You’ll cleanse yourself of other people’s negativity through a powerful 3-step process …

Attract satisfying relationships that nourish your soul …

Invite wealthy opportunities to come racing into your life like a rushing river …

Even increase your energy so you start your day feeling inspired and alive.

You’ll get  lifetime access to the complete Law of Delight online program. Now now you’re probably wondering …

“That sounds awesome Isis, I can’t wait to transform my life. So how much is the investment?”

I’ll answer that in a moment, but first let me ask you this…


How much would YOU pay to command The UNIVERSE work for you?

So you can finally see yourself break free of ALL LIMITATIONS

Trading in your mundane life now …

For a purpose driven, passion fueled life that gets your blood pumping every single morning?



$50,000 or more?

If you were being completely honest, you’d agree the value of a life lived without limits and manifesting ALL your goals, dreams and desires is TRULY PRICELESS…

If you can unleash your personal power and see yourself …


Gain Total Control Over What Manifests In Your Life

You’ll realize this is utterly priceless coaching I am offering you …

Typically, my private intuitive coaching fee is $1,500 per hour session. 

I charge companies on average a retainer of $100,000 to $300,000 to take their teams to the next level.


The Law of Delight 14 Week Mastery Program has a value of $52,500

Nothing more than what is contained in The Law of Delight Mastery Coaching program is required for you to excel on ALL Levels. This is one of your last opportunities to get in now & be coached personally by me. My schedule is filling up quickly with coaching clients from all over the world. You don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Once the program reaches its capacity, I will be closing the doors indefinitely. You will receive 14 Weeks of Coaching Calls, Access to My Private Mastermind Community, and Weekly Q&A Calls. That’s 14 hours of coaching, plus 14 hours of Q&A, plus resources and unlimited access to me on my Mastermind Community for one coaching program fee. That puts the twice a week calls for 14 weeks at $3,000 PER WEEK for my private mastermind clients. The VALUE of the results people obtain as a direct result of this program is well worth over a six figure investment. But you will be one of the few to receive a substantial discount off my normal coaching rate if you act now… I’ve directly helped clients achieve more than $800M USD in revenues for their companies, helped people double their income 4 times in as little as 2 years, find their true love in less than 30 days after seeking for over 15 years.

My results speak for themselves.

This is one of the rarest programs available on earth. This program is utterly life-changing for the clients who invest. The opportunity to be guided, coached and trained by me at the highest level so you manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed of or desired is available only for a limited time.

I made it my mission to help as many people as humanly possible live an extraordinary life …

Here’s What I’m Going To Do For You:

If you help me spread the word about The Law of Delight Mastery Coaching Program to your social networks, then today you’re not going to invest $52,500 to get access to the secret success teachings of the world’s greatest leaders, masters and sages… Not even HALF that… Instead, I’ll give you access to The Law of Delight Mastery Coaching Program with 14 Weeks of Coaching Calls 14 Weeks of Q&A Calls Access to My Mastermind Group AND two private coaching sessions! everything you see here today … for 80% off my normal coaching rates… on two conditions:

  1. if you act right now, share this program with your social networks and
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You’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime to jump in for a very low rate. After we talk, and I’m certain you will fit our group, are coachable, and ready to implement the program materials, I’ll give you an opportunity to join this program at this  incredible rate as my gift to you over the phone. 

That’s over $52,500 in value for 14 weeks of life-changing transformation, & strategies no one else is teaching in the world! My clients include Doctors, Attorneys, Surgeons, C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Celebrities, Musicians, Artists, Healers and More. Will some people take advantage of me and not share this incredible program? Sure … But I believe in abundance. And that most people are good people, so I’m trusting you’ll do the right thing … That’s how serious I am about helping you. I don’t know about you … but if I was able to invest in $52,500 worth of wisdom for a fraction of the cost… I’d feel like the Universe was sending me a sign!

Because The Truth Is This …

And… I don’t mean to bring you down here … But every day you stay shackled to someone else’s beliefs, is another day you work hard on someone else’s terms … Every day you struggle from feast to famine, is another day you get older, feel more helpless and watch life pass you by … Every day you are NOT living your true calling, is another day you are NOT living a life that matters. So waiting one more day … Is a day too long. Look. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve struggled long and hard enough. You’ve tried using everything else … And now you deserve to live the life you feel you were made for. That’s why you need to jump on this now while you can, while very few people know about the leverage they can apply in using this Secret Universal Law … I can’t promise this article will be up forever … No one else in the world is teaching the Law of Delight … I want to make your smart decision to schedule your strategy call & enroll now as easy as possible, so if you are still “on the fence”  here are 3 things I’m committed to providing… 1. Quality Of Education You can count of the highest level of quality throughout this program. Every lesson, technique and coaching call, have been crafted down to fine detail. Everything you will learn is the result of a remarkable discovery that has impacted a select few people to achieve over $800M USD through working with me in just a few short years. 2. Highest Level of Support It doesn’t matter if you’ve struggled to manifest before trying this program, you’ll notice profound changes in your life that once before thought were impossible. If you want it, get it. Follow your heart. That way, you’ve guaranteed to learn what you need to know. 3. Positive Impact On Your Life You will begin to grow and flourish, even if you’ve been stagnant for years. You’ll be happier and more productive. You’ll have the ability to spark positive change to those around you.   So go ahead … you deserve to have this for yourself, and so does everyone you love …

Dive into The Law of Delight …

Activate the power of your Intention PointExperience your original state of limitless abundance you felt as a child … Believe deep in your heart you can have, do, and be anything you want in life … Envision yourself manifest everything you ask for … And feel what it’s like to live on your terms … I just want to give you the same opportunity I was given years ago, to open up and allow the Universe to provide for you, once and for all! So here’s what I want you to do next … Simply click on the apply for a strategy call today, you’ll be taken to my Strategy Session Call Scheduling Page. All you have to do in the notes is let me know you want to join The Law of Delight Coaching Program.

Click Here To Schedule Your Discovery Call Now

You’ll be welcomed by our Law of Delight community with open arms …


You’ve gotten where you are by doing the things you’ve been doing… And if you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you’ve got to invest in and do things you’ve never done. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And I don’t think you’re insane… But you know what insanity LOOKS like? That sad old woman at the edge of a flooded pond who did the same thing for years and wished her life it would change … And I do NOT want YOU to end up like her!

You Now Have A Choice To Make:

Just like I did years ago at the flooded pond … Two paths, each manifesting two very different lives … Your first path is to take what you learned here today … Try it on your own … Keep struggling against your never ending “to do” list … Forcing you to put off your dreams yet another day, another month, another year. OR you can do what so many others have already done … Use The Law of Delight to get back into their original state of abundance and kiss your struggles goodbye. Let me guide you to the light at the end of your tunnel. It’s your time to be set free. I only have a few spots left. We take on 14 students every 14 weeks. All you need to do is click and get started…

“Yes Isis! Please Accept My Strategy Session Application!

I can’t wait to work with you in this truly life changing program. To your Success, Isis Jade P.S. Remember … I am handing you the keys to high level manifesting using the same Intention Point techniques trusted by highly successful people across the globe. You’re getting $52,500 worth of life-changing tips, coaching and strategies for a fraction of that cost. You are getting the entire coaching program for a small fraction of what everyone else will have to pay… Just by promising to share with your social network about our Law of Delight Website and scheduling your call… But I can’t be sure this article will be here tomorrow, so this might be your last chance … P.P.S. …

One Final Note…

You know that dream I said to think about in the start of this article?

Knowing what you know now about The Law of Delight …

What are you going to do about that dream?

Apply to the The Law of Delight Coaching Program, and let me help you make it happen …

Or do nothing about it, and toss your dreams away like yesterday’s trash?

You’ve already made that mistake before …

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* Study conducted in 2003 by Dr Rollin McCraty at the Institute of Heartmath: https://www.heartmath.org/research/research-library/energetics/energetic-heart-bioelectromagnetic-communication-within-and-between-people/

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