Getting Clear on Your Dreams & Desires –
Exactly What Do YOU Wish to Manifest?

To prove the Law of Delight can work for you over the next 7 days choose something small that you truly desire in your heart of hearts to create, experience or manifest.

It needs to be a thing or experience that delights you and excites you inside and is in alignment with your desires and dreams for life. After all, you need to be able to feel fully excited, passionate and on fire for it over the week ahead.

So – you could be ambivalent, but have an expectation that someone “should” do or be a certain way for you, and you end up disappointed. On the other hand, if you set a burning full-flame desire that you’ve made a decision that THIS is to be a part of your life, and it is so, you make what we call a line in the sand.

For example, you might want to be asked out on a date, receive a lovely gift from your partner, be invited to a social gathering, strike up a new friendship, or manifest $700 to buy that new pair of boots or that new leather jacket you’ve been dreaming of. But you don’t really have a deep burning desire for it – because it’s just a “eh… I can live without it.” or you might have a hidden resentment or hidden irritation about money or your partner that you haven’t resolved.

So whatever you choose, you must be willing to a) Let go of the past & embrace a positive now and b) be willing to be fully invested in your part of creating your new reality for it to come to you.

Whatever you choose, the secret here is to be compassionate, loving, and kind to yourself all week; indulge in activities that delight you each and every day, eat healthy food that brings you to life, go outside and do things that delight and excite you, and enjoy the feeling of embodying the essence of your intention as if it is already being created on your behalf.

Think very carefully about what you want to create, and write it down, record it into an audio or video.

The point is getting to your heart’s desires – not a mental want. So close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and really connect with your heart for a minute and ask yourself,  “what does my heart truly desire for me?”

You might want to experiment with different ways of phrasing your heart’s desire until one strikes you as fully accurate. It also needs to be a heart’s desire that feels like something “realistic” and “available” to you. The easier it is for you to claim it, declare it and let judgement as “how” it happens for you, the easier it will be for it to come to you!

Next, share your heart’s desire and goal in the comments below.