Claim Your Divine Birthright & Begin Living the Life of Your Dreams

There is an easier path than Law of Attraction.

Learn to leverage the true creative powers of the Universe.


Are you ready to claim the ultimate power to manifest ALL your dreams and desires?

You said YES to claiming your true divine birthright!

You said YES to unlocking your ability to create the life of your dreams!

You are deeply invested in walking your path of success.

You are committed to your personal development and growth.

Now, maybe you’ve studied Law of Attraction, but you may feel as if there are huge gaps still missing that keep you from stepping fully into your potential and power to create all your dreams and desires! You find Law of Attraction limited in some ways and desire to create truly unlimited experiences.

Imagine experiencing total self-expression of your soul’s gifts.

Imagine delighting the world AND yourself with your valuable acts of creation.

Imagine having that deep sense of contentment, joy and peace that only comes from the total fulfillment of living life on your terms.

Through The Law of Delight®, we experience a total transformation in our life experiences.

It’s about living life full out – fully invested and fully embodying ourselves at the heart & soul level.

Create more of what you long to experience.

Break through to an entirely new level of growth, expansion and limitless possibilities.


You are ready to access The Law of Delight and transcend the limitations of most people’s beliefs about how The Universe really works.


Out of over 400 Universal Laws, only one guarantees you the power to create and receive ALL your heart’s desires.


The Law of Delight is the key to unlocking your ability to create & manifest all your heart’s dreams and desires, with ease and grace.



The Law of Delight offers us all the power we could ever wish for to create the lives of our dreams.

Known as our Divine Birthright and the Perfect Movement of the Soul, The Law of Delight activates all the creative forces in the Universe, gives us everything we dream of and desire for ourselves.

As we delight ourselves fully in life and embrace the Divine nature of our Soul Purpose, we use our Gifts to delight others and walk the path that delights us most in life!

Through this comprehensive, step-by-step training, you will learn how to connect to the heart and soul to discover exactly what it longs for and desires in life.

You will learn how to unlock and fully embody the true purpose and gifts that delight you to use and create massive value that delights yourself, your loved ones, and paying clients as well.

But The Law of Delight® goes beyond “just” learning how to unlock the heart & soul’s desires.

Have you ever wondered how we get “stuck” in the process of creating and manifesting?

Finally, The Law of Delight® offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent limiting patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that plague so many people.

By examining limiting patterns that may be affecting us, we can reveal, heal and transform many of our present-life experiences … and resolve these experiences to finally feel truly free to prosper and delight fully in life while we create what we truly desire for ourselves AND each other.

Your Investment: US $997

The Law of Delight Will Change EVERYTHING In Your Life.

Welcome to the Law of Delight®  – The ONLY Law of Delight Online Training available in the world.

The Law of Delight® activates the most powerful creative forces in the Universe to empower you to fulfill your divine birthright and live the life of your dreams.

About Isis Jade

Isis Jade is a transformational leader, author, speaker and teacher of The Law of Delight. She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their dreams and desires through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

The Law of Delight® will help you heal, overcome all limitations, get to know yourself on a deep heart & soul level and discover the effortless path to transforming your life spontaneously and be a more successful, empowered, abundant, positive, joyful and motivated person.

The Law of Delight® will help you create AN UNLIMITED LIFE.

Isis Jade knows firsthand the challenges you face in transforming lack into prosperity.

At her lowest point, Isis had escaped from a drug and human trafficker and faced near death multiple times.

Homeless, hiding and a single mother living out of her car with over $250K in debt … unemployed, and alone.

Through a journey that took her around the world meeting healers, coaches, teachers and sages, Isis stumbled across the Law of Delight.

By applying the principles she’ll share in this course, Isis Jade transformed her entire relationship with herself and with The Universe.

Isis Jade’s life-changing messages will give you the power to be fully delighted and free to create the life of your dreams.

What is the Law of Delight?

The most powerful law in the Universe.

The Law of Delight says: Delight Yourself FULLY to receive ALL Your Heart’s Desires.

Using The Law of Delight we can create everything we’ve longed for and desired.

With the Law of Delight, you have immediate access to ALL forces in the Universe to create and manifest everything you desire your life. Whether it’s people, things or experiences, you are able to create a much higher quality of life with ease and grace.

The Law of Delight is neutral. It doesn’t judge positive or negative, good or bad. When you activate this divine law in your life, you enact forces that can literally reorder reality to suit your deepest dreams and desires.

You Become the Creator of Your Destiny.

If you focus on what you desire and what delights you most in life, success and happiness will be yours. When you understand the Law of Delight well you can become a master manifestor and create more of what you desire and delight in and less of what you don’t.

You are destined to live an amazing life. This is the secret shortcut to all your dreams and desires.

My Law of Delight Online Course will show you how to activate this secret universal law in your life starting today.


When you learn how to use just a few powerful and practical tools associated with the Law of Delight, you can start living and thinking in a more focused, clear way that is specifically designed to delight you and inspire you to create even more positive and delightful experiences in your life. You see, Delight energy is the most valuable energetic vibration in the Universe. It is the vibration of spontaneous creation. Whatever you’re longing for, whatever your dreams and hopes might be, the Law of Delight can effortlessly bring you closer to your most treasured desires that you hold in your heart.



– WHAT IS THE LAW DELIGHT & HOW DOES IT WORK? We will introduce you to the concepts of quantum physics, why the law of attraction is limited.
– How to activate The Law of Delight to begin claiming your divine birthright through Intuitive Conscious Soul Creation or ICSC. This is a new, revolutionary, and far more advanced methodology taught by Isis Jade more powerful than anything taught in the world today.
– Claiming your divine birthright, your human experience and the real nature of the universe.
– The effortless path to all dreams and desires manifested now.
– How the law of delight is the perfect mathematical equation – and how to predictably create results.
– The relationship between feeling and reality – why your feelings are the key to massive manifestation, not your thoughts!
– How you communicate best with the universe – and its not through your mind!
– Discover why “raising your vibration” is actually limiting your results and what to do instead.
– How the law of delight will always guarantee you will receive all your heart’s desires (but not always what we think we want!)


– You will receive guidelines on how to align yourself with your heart’s desires and receive an energetic attunement that grants you access to your soul’s divine blueprint so you can begin claiming Your Divine Birthright through activating The Law of Delight. Most people are blocked from accessing this powerful Universal Law due to past programming and old patterns of self-sabotage. This is a highly transformational experience for students! You will also learn how to access and navigate your heart’s desires, your soul’s gifts & discover what delights you to create, experience, share and how this expands your life.

Making space for strong, positive faith and clear pathways to truth.

Clear out harmful junk stuck in your mental truck and toxic delight-negating emotional issues as they rise up in your tissues.

Understand how being persistent in delighting yourself fully in your life affects what you receive

Where self-sabotaging patterns hide and how to reveal them and heal them.

How limiting self-talk, self-worth, self-love and self-value is blocking you.

How to signal to the Universe You are fully invested and fully delighted and how to open up your 64 energetic channels to receive everything your heart dreams of and desires.



– In this module you’ll learn about The Golden Spiral of Delight & we’ll go through the ICSC strategic synchronicity exercise to deliberately create massive results in every area of your life.
No matter what area you are facing – this simple exercise will immediately unlock the Golden Spiral of Delight & Creation to take action exactly how the Masters of Reality Creation do. I’ve taught this to business owners and investors around the world.
– Discovering how you align best & most naturally to delight full out with the Universe
– Discover how to ask for your desires and the critical key to making space in your life for them to manifest.


– How to manifest ANYTHING in your life with ease and grace using the power of incantations and declarations.
– Why its not about attraction, but about inspired action in partnership.
– Dropping Matyrdom & spiritual sacrifice and embracing deep love, light and passion for life.
– Why It’s Not About What You Get, but What You GIVE.
– Why Environment matters.
– Get the ICSC Miracle Incantation and immediately use it for yourself AND for others to create miracles.


– Releasing trauma blocks at the heart, soul and energy level
– How to deepen your core belief in yourself and reclaim your power to be fully self-expressed, fully embodied, and fully in power.
– Why you may be waiting for permission to be delighted.
– How to claim power over your creative energy.
– How to use your intuition to solve any problem now.
– How to reclaim your divine truth.


– Understanding communication and the power of words.
– Understanding needs and desires.
– Unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.
– The process of discernment, boundaries and personal power in relationships.
– How to reframe and engage with another higher-self and reconnect.
– How to dissolve conflict and return to peace, trust and love.
– Letting go of stories that no longer serve you.
– Speaking in loving truth, and owning your power.
– Healing Relationships with ease and grace.
– Returning to Original Delight in every relationship.

I have found that many people know about the law of attraction but they are so frustrated with their lack of results or they feel powerless because they feel stuck in trauma and pain.

If you are like most people, you are looking for a higher quality life. Maybe you’ve read a couple law of attraction books, or you’ve taken some personal development courses but you haven’t gotten results. There’s a reason why that’s happening and I know how to help you fix it.

I am passionate about giving people back their power and enable them to live their dreams and have happier more fulfilling lives and relationships.

This Law of Delight course is SO powerful that it WILL give you real results if you apply what you learn.

I believe that you are destined to live a life filled with ALL your dreams and desires!

The Law of DELIGHT will give you back your power to do this – and do it FASTER than anything else I’ve seen or practiced in my life.

My name is Isis Jade and I personally had to overcome a great deal of tragedy and trauma early in my life. I tried EVERYTHING and to be honest, NOTHING worked to help me break free – until I discovered this and began studying and applying this Universal Law.

Start activating the Law of Delight. Get your 7 Days Law of Delight Course.

The Law of Delight gives you freedom.

You learn to see that YOU are a delight to the Universe and you have the freedom to delight in your life now, in your dreams and desires, now, while shaping your future in your ideal image, without worrying about “HOW” it’s going to happen.