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I am excited you decided to join over 12,000 other delight makers and join the LAW OF DELIGHT revolution.

This powerful course is going to change your life.

Before we move ahead, let me give you an idea how this course will work.

“The Infinite knows of ALL DELIGHT. Everything experienced is experienced as a form of DELIGHT.” ~ Sri Aurobindo

For next 7 days, I will send you Course Material about Success, manifesting all your heart’s desires, magnetism, reality creation and the Law of delight.

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Now, this lesson is a little bit longer than the others. Today we will be explaining a few things before we jump into the Law of Delight.

Almost everyone has seen the movie The SECRET or read a book or taken a class on law of attraction. Thus, almost everyone knows about the law of attraction.

But most people I speak to are really frustrated about the lack of  results they get from applying the law of attraction in their lives.

There are literally thousands of books, programs, websites and so-called experts all teaching the law of attraction as the end all be all answer to it all.

What ancient sages, rulers, philosophers, and Gurus have for thousands of years called “The Master’s Key”, “The Secret Shortcut to Enlightenment”, “The Only Stairway to Heaven”, “The Catalyst for All Creation in the Universe”, and “The Perfect Movement of the Soul” never was “The Law of Attraction”.

It was all confused by the new thought movement and new age teachers who may have mistaken one thing for something else.


What if I were to tell you that you have the power to completely transform your life – to become the greatest person that you can be, to live the greatest life that you could possibly imagine? Would you, as I once did, scoff and toss this aside in frustration? Or would you consider putting aside your skeptic mind for a moment and consider that maybe, just maybe there is an easier way?

What if I were to tell you that all of this and more is completely possible for you, starting from today? In fact, right this moment.
That’s exactly what I’m telling you.
This course is not about making dreams come true. It is about living the life you have always dreamed of, starting right this moment, but never imagined could be possible.
Think I’m crazy? Then think again! ‘Living the dream’ may seem impossible in a world fraught with 12 hour jobs, 2 hour commutes, money worries, health problems and unfulfilling relationships; but all can that can be inverted in an instant.
You are a miraculously beautiful human being. You are destined for more.
You may not be aware of it yet, but you are full of limitless potential. The key to awakening all of this inside you starts with claiming your divine promise.
The Law of Delight.
This is where this course comes in…
The sole purpose of this course is to get you to a place of absolute clarity; to help you begin manifesting all your heart’s desires, including experiences, opportunities, money, love, happiness, and people into your life every single day.
Once delight becomes the daily state of being for you – and it will – my wish is that you then use all of the knowledge and tools you acquire in this book to transform others lives for the better. To begin living a life you are head  over heels in love and delight with.
As you travel through this program with me, my hope for you is that you come to this program daily with an open mind and trusting heart and that you use the secrets revealed to you to make this one-off opportunity called ‘life’ the best that it can possibly be.
A Brief History of Confusion Behind the Law of Attraction 

Many of my students come from a background of the Law of Attraction from various sources.

As I said earlier, there are literally hundreds of books and courses developed since the early 20th century about The Law of Attraction.

I want to give you a brief history as to how all this started:
In 1906 – Atkinson, William Walter wrote
Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World
and this began a revolution in the concept of new thought philosophy and that our thoughts determined our reality.
1926 – Holmes, Ernest
Basic Ideas of Science of Mind which took William’s work and expanded upon this concept and became one of the go-to books for new thought theories.
Then in 1937 – Napoleon Hill wrote
‘Think and Grow Rich’ – a book that came after his Law of Success in 16 Lessons, and quickly became a universally loved text by people who were looking to master their mental power to succeed. 
1949 – Holliwell, Dr. Raymond
Working with the Law
1990’s – Jerry and Esther Hicks
In the early 1990s, information and teachings on the Law of Attraction became available through the publications of Jerry and Esther Hicks claiming to be channels for a group of ascended masters known collectively as Abraham.

It is through these teachings that many people started to begin really humping on the Law of Attraction bandwagon.

Then Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and a number of other noted authors and celebrities began touting The Law of Attraction as the End all Be All Answer to It All.

Since 2000, countless articles and books have been written about the Law of Attraction, and its appeal expanded to a far broader audience.
Then in 2006, The Secret came out and set the world on its ear about this idea that there was a “secret” to manifesting everything you desired for your life.
However, The Secret (as with so many other authors in the new thought world) only showed its audience a few tiny glimpses of the miraculous puzzle that is our Universe, without providing its viewers with practical application.  Somewhere along the line – we lost touch with what is actually a quite simple Universal truth, hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.
What many ancient sages, rulers, philosophers, and Tantric Gurus have for thousands of years called “The Master’s Key”, “The Secret Shortcut to Enlightenment”, “The Only Stairway to Heaven”, “The Catalyst for All Creation in the Universe”, and “The Perfect Movement of the Soul” never was “The Law of Attraction”.
That’s what I am about to reveal to you.
What Makes This Course Different?
This is a course that builds upon my first book, DELIGHT: An Enlightened Path to Transforming Your Life, Spontaneously
DELIGHT was my first attempt to bring together literally thousands of years worth of sacred texts and nearly ten years of research into an eloquent, yet transformational life philosophy designed to instantly provide answers to anyone who opened it. That work was designed to distill a philosophy of ease and grace inspired by Plato’s “Stairway to Heaven”.
Since then, I stumbled upon additional ancient works that were considered lost and it was revealed to me that what I was bringing out to the world was the First Universal Law, called The Law of Delight.
DELIGHT is a text designed to be opened to any page at any time, to give you insight into a relevant part of your life.  Much like a Sutra, or a Sacred Text.
This course is designed in such a way that each section builds on the last exactly as a training program in discovering what delights you most in life and how to employ the Seven Steps along Plato’s “Stairway to Heaven”, and easily create & receive ALL your heart’s desires.

You can use the strategies I teach to keep you building your own stairway of delight and receive all your heart’s desires – simply by learning how to use the Law of Delight.

Many of the books I’ve studied were too broad in their theoretical approach to the subject of “how do I manifest X into my life?”.

Most credited the Law of Attraction with creating everything in existence, but missed the point entirely.

All the Law of Attraction says is “Like attracts like”.  And it can only operate on the weakest force of the Universe – which is gravitational force.
The Law of Delight is referenced throughout every corner of human spiritual history, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Harappa Civilization, From Buddhist and Taoist texts, to the Goddess temples, to various indigenous cultures and on into the Tantric sutras.

However, nowhere could I find a clear answer to my question, “How do I actually apply The Law of Delight?”

The reason why, is simple.

What delights your heart and soul to create may be completely different from what I delight in. Furthermore, HOW you delight in something will be completely different from HOW I do!

And yet, in the past 10 years of my experiments, I have been able to give my clients the answer.

Many trainings contain a lot of fluff and stuff, but lack practical, grounded applicability. Which I do not want to give you.
With my extensive knowledge of  human potential, healing, Philosophy, Science, and Human Behavior, I deeply desired to create for you an easy-to-follow HOW-TO recipe for anyone looking for an easier path than The Law of Attraction, religion, positive thinking, or new age philosophy.
Using the strategies I teach, you will be able to understand how the Law of Attraction and 400+ other universal laws all are triggered to cooperate with the Law of Delight, and learn how easy it is to employ The Law of Delight: Our Divine Promise immediately in your own life.
The most frequent and satisfying compliment I receive is that “The eloquence in your teachings provides a powerful revelation into enlightened living all by simply moving towards what delights me most in life.” Another person wrote in and told me “oh my god Isis, this has been the answer I have been looking for all my life. Its so simple. I feel wide awake and full of love and joy. I feel truly healed. THANK YOU.”

So yes, this is SIMPLE to implement. It’s so simple, most people miss it completely … at first. And then that 3Am epiphany strikes and they wake up… transformed.