You CAN change that secret voice inside of you.

You can tell yourself a brand new story about your past, about your future and about your present.

You can ask better questions to get better answers.

Take back the power of your inner voice and change it to change your life. It really is that simple!

Every single day you have the choice to change this voice and become the person who you want to be.

Whether you choose to be an optimist or pessimist, a creator and an action taker or stuck in fear and negativity, you always have the choice.

And if you want to live your very best life possible, you must choose to be someone who creates and makes delight for yourself AND for others and choose to listen to what fuels that for you!

You have the power to change the voice inside.

Your inner voice can only tell you what to focus on.

You have to consciously choose WHAT you want to experience and focus on before it can change.

Many times you find yourself being depressed, hurting, hard on yourself, criticizing and negative and have a hard time reframing your life to be more positive.

Even many times you wonder why some people are so lucky and always positive in life and why you struggle.

A lot of people say this is brain damage or trauma. But I can tell you that YOU can make a direct impact on changing ALL of this by changing two things – your physiology and your inner voice.

These two things will change your emotional health, mental health and your quality of life.

Stop being a victim to your inner voice.

You consider these perpetually active and positive people the lucky or everyone’s favorite, but the truth is they are no different than you.

They are made from the same supreme energy. What makes them different or in your words “Lucky” is the way they focused on choosing an inner voice that supported them, rather than one that broke them down. They focused on choosing what supports them and lifts them up and they won’t tolerate anyone in their life that doesn’t support them as well.

These people always focused on listening to only positive feedback from their inner voice. They see solutions and possibilities in everything they do and everywhere they go, because they consciously, ACTIVELY made the choice to focus on and act on those things, rather than focus on problems and weaknesses and setbacks.

If you simply change what you focus on, everything else in life will change as well. They channel that energy and radiate it out and they don’t limit it to just themselves, but they ALSO seek to leave everyone around them in a better place than they found them.

These people have powerful, magnetic auras.

They radiate a unique beautiful energy, because they choose to focus on powerful things that bring them passion, delight and purpose to their lives. They absolutely REFUSE to focus on problems or let fear hold them back for long. They take love-based actions and make love-based decisions and work hard to speak in a loving way to others and frame things in a loving, positive focus.

But you must be thinking, what about me?

How can I become this powerful golden child as well?

How can I take myself to this level of magic and create this powerful aura for myself?

If you have a tough time in life or you can see only negativity around, if you have become a pessimist then you must understand, why you have become like that.

You have become so negative and fear-based because you are only listening to the negative voice within you and you are not talking back to yourself positively. You are only listening, but you are not taking the action to tell it that you are powerful. you are solutions oriented. you are love-based and driven by love, not by fear or anger. You are taking back control over your life, you are not protesting reality any longer, and that you are not a victim of fate, other people’s behaviors or your own inner thoughts and emotional roller coasters anymore.

If you have lived your life so far being in fear, negative and yes at some level you chose to be miserable because that was how you got your needs met by your parents and others before. It may have gotten you the attention you were in need of, the reassurance you were looking for, the approval you sought.

That’s how to become a pessimist. You suffer because suffering gave you something of value. Is it valuable to you any longer?

I must tell you, your struggle has come to an end now. You don’t have to stay like that anymore and struggle.

You have the power to change it, and change can begin this moment RIGHT NOW.

Don’t just be a listener to your inner voice but start talking back to it.

Talk to your inner voice all the time using YOUR HEART & SOUL.

The power of your subconscious mind isn’t nearly as powerful as your heart or your soul. You can use heart-based, love-based motivational declarations and inner self-talk to transform and heal EVERY area of life.

  • Become the parent you never had.
  • Become the supportive mentor you never had.
  • Become the healer and guru you never had.

All by recording powerful words, phrases and talks to yourself that you wish you received when you were a child.

If the inner voice tells you something positive agree with it and say YES, YES, YES.

You are gifted with a hidden power and that is the power of your heart and soul. Your heart mind is a mind that is 5,000 times more powerful than your subconscious mind! It is a direct connection to the divine intelligence of the Universe.

If you befriend your heart it will train your subconscious and conscious mind like a warrior you will receive a solution for everything in life.

If you are an artist, a programmer, a filmmaker, an actor you will get “divine downloads” of creative inspiration and find yourself in the powerful creative zone in a flash.

If you want to crack an interview for your dream job, if you want to clear your exam with flying colors, if you want to create a wonderful relationship to your perfect partner in life, if you want to heal your health or if you want to make more money, no matter what you want always remember your heart mind is the source of your creative genius, your true power and intuition. It is your miracle creator. I teach people how to access this and master this through my program, Intuition Success.

Your heart mind is your true miracle machine. It’s a gift to you for creating everything you want in life.

Befriend your heart, learn to de-armor it and open it wide up and you will live a most successful, effortless life. It has all the solutions for every complexity of life.

My heart is my way of talking directly to you.

But more importantly, when the inner voice tells you something negative, it’s not your heart that’s speaking to you. It’s your limited sub-conscious mind!

Shout back and say “No THAT IS Not True” and speak the opposite into reality. For example, when your inner voice tells you that you’ll never be successful because no one will listen to you – say “NO! That’s not true! I AM SUCCESSFUL AND MY DIVINE RIGHT PEOPLE WILL LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I SPEAK TRUTH WITH LOVE AND PASSION AND MOTIVATION! I CHANGE LIVES!” Be strong with a new and more powerful declaration and incantation about how strong and blessed you really are.

If your inner voice tells you that you are miserable, unfortunate or weak, shout back and say “I am magical, I am a miracle! I am the most fortunate person and I am the strongest one. I am capable of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want to create.”

If your inner voice tells you that your dreams will never come true, shout back and say “I am the one destined for my greatness and I am the one living my dreams now. I deserve my dream now and forever. I am unstoppable momentum of pure energy in motion and I will manifest every dream and desire I have.”

If your inner voice tells you that you have nothing in life to use to create success or an abundant life, shout back and say “I am the Universe in action right now in my life and that’s enough to create my abundance. I have everything within me right now to create my success have all my abundance. Everything i need is coming to me right now to help make my dreams a reality. I DELIGHT IN MYSELF AND I DELIGHT THE UNIVERSE.”

Your inner voice will test you again and again, to check whether you are resolved to live your greatness or not. Its going to constantly test you throughout life to see if you really are serious.

When you keep talking about strength and conviction, it will slowly change itself. Then it will start telling you how magical your life is, how powerful you are and how you are destined to live your dreams.



This inner voice is your gift to convert your weaknesses into your strength. This inner voice can transform your pessimistic self into an ultra-master manifestor of all your dreams and desires.

Stop being just a passive listener to this inner voice, stop accepting its lies as truth.

Recognize this inner voice for what it is and start programming it using your heart. Give your agreement ONLY to its positive talk. Shout back and change the negative one. You can do this in private or out loud.

Stop playing the role of a victim in life.

Wake Up now, wake up and listen to your inner voice and say to yourself out loud “I am the director of my fate and I am destined for greatness. I am owed my promised divine birthright and I claim it now. I delight myself fully in life – and I receive all my heart’s dreams and desires right now. This is our divine agreement. I speak it into my reality now. I am the captain of my soul and the master of my life.”

Change the voice within and see the world changing outside.

Here is your Action Plan for Today

1. Start listening to your inner voice.

Recognize when the inner voice is playing. Who’s voice does it use? It may use many tones, many voices from your past. Are you going to let it tell you what to do? Is it mostly positive or mostly negative? Mostly angry or mostly joyful? Is it mostly fearful or mostly love-based?

When you start to recognize it consciously then and only then can you begin to take action to change it.

Most people wonder why they feel so depressed, resentful, angry, negative or frustrated in life. much. It’s because they don’t recognize what the inner voice is or what it is saying to them. If you start listening to you then you can change it.

2. Act on the Law of Delight: The Universe NEEDS Your Action to Give YOU Your Divine Birthright

You must take action on the law of delight beginning with your inner voice. If your inner voice delights you, then you will be able to create and receive more of your heart’s desires! If you delight in being miserable and living in pain, well – then you will receive more of that!

If your voice is focused on what brings you pain or holds you back then you will live in fear and suffering.

If your inner voice is creative, inspirational, powerful, motivated, positive and helps you feel more joy, delight, happiness, and gratitude, you will be focused on being a blessing and creating ideas, experiences, things and solutions that delight yourself and others in life!

That is how you will receive more of what you desire. It operates in cooperation with other Universal Laws!

3. Accept the Positive Voice and Change The Negative Voice

If your voice is positive, it will inspire you to create more solutions. So, focus on saying YES to the inner voice that is positive and motivates you to do more, be more and experience more out of life.

If your inner voice is focused on pain, fear, anger or lack – if its largely negative about something, immediately inverse that voice. Say NO. Reject it completely. tell yourself I AM ________ and reaffirm your power, strengths and values. Reaffirm you are solutions oriented and love-based. You feel no envy, no anger, and you have a great attitude about life.

4. Programming Yourself for The Law of Delight

Your physiology determines your psychology and your inner reality will determine your outer reality.

Start by standing up in front of a mirror every day. Look straight into your eyes in the mirror, with your chin held high, shoulders back, hips and legs strong, abdomen strong and tight with your hands raised to the sky and tell yourself with as much power, positivity and emotional motivation as you can as loud as you can: “I am a force of power and might! I am unstoppable. I am a miracle! I delight in me and my life! I am a powerful force of creativity. I have all the power of the universe inside me. I am awesome. I am a golden child. I am successful. I bring solutions to every problem! I claim my divine birthright! All my heart’s dreams and desires are coming to me now. I take massive action to create my dreams.”

Write down all the statements I have given you in this article in your notebook or phone and read them 3 times daily to yourself in the mirror.

Use the following Statements:

“I am magical. I have the golden touch. People are blessed to be around me. People delight in me, my energy and my strengths. I always leave people and places better than I found them. I am the most fortunate person I know and I am the strongest one I know. I am powerful.”

“I am the one destined for my greatness and I am the one living my dreams. I deserve my dream and I claim my divine birthright now and forever.”

“I am the Universe in action in my life and that’s enough to create ALL the abundance I dream of and desire.”

Read the above statements daily to reprogram your inner voice.

5. Change Negativity to Positivity: Change Pessimism into Optimism By Delighting Yourself FULLY in Life NOW.

Think about your life and write down all the area which seem difficult, negative or full of problems in your life. Focus on all the blessings, joys, strengths you have or the other person has, if its a relationship problem, for instance.

Let’s say you are having a relationship problem with your partner Instead of naming the problem and what you want your partner to change, name the solution and bless the solution: “I bless my partner. I delight in my partner. My partner is sexy. My partner is always there for me. My partner desires my success and happiness. My partner delights in my joy. My partner is a perfect partner for me just as he/she is. My partner listens to me. My partner loves spending time with me. My partner meets all my needs. I delight in his/her ability to ________”

If you are a woman, you may want to read my book: The Cleopatra Technique it will radically improve your relationship with your man. Most people aren’t patient enough but if you are, it will work.


Whenever you feel negative or sad about something remind yourself of this statement and you will inverse your situation. Keep this statement on your phone and set as a daily reminder.

I am sure now just by reading this you found some powerful upleveling in your life.

Quick Activity: Go to your social media and claim this: “I DELIGHT IN MY LIFE. I AM THE DIRECTOR OF MY FATE, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL. I AM THE MASTER OF MY LIFE”. hashtag #lawofdelight #isisjade

You are the Universe talking to yourself every moment of your life. Stop listening to the voices that keep you stuck and talk to yourself with love and reaffirm your power until your voice starts telling you that “Your Life is a Gift. You are a blessing. You are a delight!”

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