Now is the time when you must leave the inaction of fear and negativity behind and start your magical transformation of becoming a delight maker and creator.

People who delight other people by sharing what they create and are constantly challenging themselves to take risks are the ones who truly succeed in this world!

If you are stuck in negative addiction to painful emotions, lacking energy and inaction, no amount of positive “thinking” is going to fix this.

You Must Take Your Power Back From Voice Within You.

You have a voice within you. You are the one speaking and you are the one listening to it.

Every moment of the day, the voice is saying something. Either it’s telling you an amazing story about you & your life or it’s talking about your failures, weaknesses and shortcoming. Or it could be focused on blaming everything and everyone around you for the state of your life.

Either it’s telling you how blessed and incredible you are or it’s telling how unlucky and miserable you are.

Either it’s telling you all the solutions and possibilities you have access to or it’s telling you about all the problems, obstacles and issues you face and will not overcome.

This voice within you is a very powerful voice.

It holds ALL the power over you and the direction and course of your life.

This powerful voice is the thing that is currently creating your reality through a self-fulfilling prophesy. A lot of times when we are unconsciously speaking, we are speaking using that voice.

This voice can build you up or break you down.
It can help you create your dreams or break apart your dreams.
This voice can heal your heart and give your soul power, or it can limit you and hold you back.
This voice has the power to give you the push to go beyond any obstacles and weakness to live life to your fullness.

This voice is often fueled by your need to survive, but usually it’s motivated more by fear, pain and hurt than it is by a desire to live and thrive.

Don’t be a passive listener or victim to this inner voice, listen to it actively and consider whether or not it is lying to you and deceiving you.

Because this voice has the ability to create and manifest what you can and what you can’t achieve in life.

But you must understand one thing, normally this voice tells you ONLY the negative aspect of life, it tells you lies and stories about what you don’t have, about why you can’t achieve your dreams and about why others are better than you or leads you to asking very negative, limiting questions based on comparing and competing with others.

It’s often a voice that is immature, ineffective and comes from old stories we used to tell ourselves.

Everyone is born with unlimited power. All babies are born naturally infused with a powerful need to survive and thrive. All babies feel all their emotions fully and have no qualms about making their needs known. However, we have to be taught how to express our needs and emotions in healthy ways. Unfortunately a lot of times we are given more negative reinforcement than positive and so we end up losing power as our inner voice – focusing on survival, uses negative memories and negative feedback to drive us.

Consciously or unconsciously you become the person who you are by listening to that little voice within you.

The positive or negative tone of this voice is based on other people’s advice, the conversation you heard and the experiences you had in life. From childhood slowly this inner voice starts taking its shape and becomes more optimistic or pessimistic.

So, what’s your inner voice telling you?
Is it telling you all about the gifts and blessings of life?
Or is it telling you all about the problems and obstacles you have?
Is it revealing to you all the amazing experiences?

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