You are a believer, dreamer, and practitioner of Law of Attraction, but your dreams are not coming true, Why?

Do you often ask:

  • I am doing everything right, but why are my dreams not coming true?
  • I believe in the Universe, but why is it never giving me my desired result?
  • I am practicing Law of Attraction for so long, but why is it not working?
  • How do other’s dreams come true, but not mine?
  • Am I doing something wrong or this Universe and Law of Attraction thing really doesn’t exist?

My friends, I heard all these questions from so many people every day. If all the above questions seem familiar to you then you are going through the same dilemma. Look no further here is your answer.

Let’s bypass Law of Attraction for a minute.

How to Use The Law of Delight to Fast-Track Creating Your Dreams

It’s not only you, everyone who takes their life on the quest of their dreams, always goes through this phase and have so many questions in their mind. Seven things arise when I coach my clients on this work.

1. What your mind *thought* you wanted isn’t what your heart ACTUALLY desires or isn’t in alignment with what your heart truly desires.
2. You are using affirmations and not using declarations and incantations.
3. You are engaging in wishful thinking and not taking inspired, intuitive action.
4. Law of Attraction only operates on the weakest force – gravitational force – while Law of Delight operates on Creation Forces.
6. Receive the message for what it is – not what you think it is.
7. Is it a test or is the Universe telling you something more optimally aligned is coming for you?
8. Your ego is getting in the way of the truth for you.
9. Your heart and soul have grown and what you dreamed of before isn’t actually what you truly desire now.
10. You’ve gained clarity and realized your details on what you wanted weren’t clear before.
11. Fear of missing out is driving your desire, not love and delight for the experience itself.
12. Something isn’t as it seems and the Universe is alerting you to slow down and reflect – get some intuitive insight before you take the next step.

A situation arises for you when you try to manifest a dream, maybe its your dream job or a turnaround strategy in your business or getting back together/getting married to your significant other or having kids or achieving optimal health or achieving a goal you’ve worked towards like racing in a major world event, or a miraculous healing from a dreaded disease or severe allergies, or simply be stress-free and live a simple, happy life.

No matter what you want to manifest when you set a big goal, more often than not obstacles appear in your way.

Suddenly it gets harder and harder.

You know about the Law of Attraction from The Secret or any other source and you have applied some of the strategies and got some results but you are not getting your Big Goals.

Often it seems impossibly difficult as you reach closer to the finish line or something seriously life-threatening occurs that forces you to stop. Sometimes you are sabotaging yourself, but other times, there’s something else going on.

You may be blinded to the forest because of the trees standing in your way. You started “forcing” or “making” things happen, rather than pulling back, taking stock and observing what’s really happening.

What’s going on? Why am I running into blocks and obstacles?

First of all, I would like to tell you that The Universe exists. The Law of Delight is always at work, have faith in it and never ever have doubt about it. This is YOUR divine promise that existed since before the Universe came into being.

Now You must be thinking, then “Why is the Universe not giving me what I want?”

Well, The Universe is infinite. It’s omnipotent.

The Universe can give you what you want, it can give you everything right now.

For the Universe, nothing is big or small ~ everything is equal and effortless.

But for you some things are big and some are small. And that is totally fine. And some things you’ve gotten “fixated” on “how its supposed to happen” and you started doing too much, working too hard and lost sight of the joy, the delight, and the passion in life.

In other words, you fell out of the flow and back into the old hard way of doing, living and being.

Other times, the Universe is sending you a message, but you are so fixated on THIS particular outcome, you miss the message.

For example “This house and ONLY this house will work. It MUST happen, because I’m in love with it.” And you’ve gotten in the way of seeing the house with an objective eye.

You failed to see the messages the Universe was sending in the way of an overzealous realtor or sellers, and it seems effortless at first – only to discover the mortgage is denied by the bank and you are running around all over trying to get it funded. Then finally you enter escrow and there’s something wrong with the title. At every turn suddenly everything is going wrong.

You are getting more and more frustrated and working harder and harder to “make it happen”. But suddenly it feels like you are sliding back downhill.

Now some Law of Attraction coaches will tell you this is a test. You are no longer delighted, but now you are seriously focused on making this happen. No matter what.

I’m telling you this situation is a message.

There’s something underlying all this that is saying to you “something better is heading your way. You stopped flow by forcing this into being.”

I often get asked if the Universe can give me this house right now, then why is it taking so long?

If you made a declaration for X but got distracted by Y – the Universe is still sending you X, but you are fixated now on Y. You lost sight of X.

Let me tell you a story:

My friend wanted to buy a dream house. She wasn’t quite clear on what she wanted, but she knew what she didn’t want. Finally, they made a list of what she thought she wanted and started looking at houses that fit her dreams and one open house one afternoon, she was certain she found it. The sellers failed to disclose things they knew were seriously wrong with the house, the appraiser was bought off to appraise the house for $400K over its real market value, the realtor was overzealous, and my friend accepted a suggest inspector rather than bringing someone objective.

The inspector signed off, she bought the house for the asking price. Everything seemed to be going well, but suddenly….

the mortgage fell through and NO BANK WOULD FUND THE DEAL

She was desperate to force this house through escrow and take possession, no matter what. She decided this was a test and that THIS HOUSE WAS THE HOUSE. So, she took massive action. Instead of pausing and reflecting or getting clear through meditation and asking for some insight, she plowed straight forward.

In the end, my friend took out a second mortgage on the house carried by the seller and a second one on their older house to qualify and buy this dream house. She moved in and thoroughly excited about it, only just 60 days later was when things started going wrong.

Everything from no legal building permits for the house’s extension, to broken plumbing, damaged roof, and finally the worst, the foundation was damaged and the entire house was sinking!

After three years of fighting with the sellers over failure to disclose a number of illegal issues, the sellers sued my friend and she lost the house.

Strangely enough, similar situations happened to 4 clients of mine over the course of a 5 year time period!

She was in desperation and asked me “why did this happen?”

I said, “maybe you forgot to pause and ask why things suddenly were ‘going wrong’. If funding – ie: the finances weren’t lining up, I find that’s a sign from the Universe that ‘this isn’t the best and most optimal outcome for you. Something better is available.’ ”

And every time that happens, I usually find something bigger and better than I dared dream of or hope for ultimately ends up happening and far easier than I dreamed of.

Here’s what I want to you to understand:

The Universe can give you everything you desire from the beginning, easily. It can all happen with ease and grace, but often The Universe sends you messages when things aren’t in alignment for your best and most optimal outcomes to your heart’s desires.

If you choose to put your ego first, ignore your intuition and take massive action – plow ahead without pausing to see or listen to advice, messages and signs, you may miss something – and that could lead you into a very difficult situation.

The Universe has no ultimate goal or judgement, but you do have access to energy that is watching out for your best interests IF you tune into it and ask for guidance and support for your most optimal outcome.

The Universe will not test you. But you may end up testing and challenging yourself and pushing yourself because your ego gets in the way.

The Universe will send you messages if you get attached to a specific outcome that isn’t most optimal for you, because it wants a way of ease and grace for you. The Universe can take you to a level where all your dreams can come true easily and effortlessly.

The Universe wants  you to access truth and see real wisdom. The Universe does not need to test you. It will send you messages and signs that tell you “YES!” or “This may not be most in alignment with your heart’s dreams and desires.”

Our mind often gets in the way of our hearts. Our ego often gets in the way of our essence.


LOA coaches tell us the Universe wants to test you and check your faith before taking you to a level where everything manifests easily and effortlessly.

That’s not true.

The Universe is Neutral.

It has no ultimate designs except to expand and grow and experience more. The path of least resistance is usually the path the energy of the Universe will follow.

 9 times out of 10 you’ve put up resistance to what you desire for yourself, because you are “forcing” an outcome that isn’t most optimal or ultimately most delightful for you.

I was trying to locate a house in the bay area when I was very ill and was suffering from mold sickness. I applied to four different houses and was denied all four times. One day I stumbled upon an ad for a dream house – a courtyard spanish style mansion. I thought No way could I afford this, but I went and looked anyways. I was fully delighted by the house but was told it wasn’t available any longer.

I applied for another house, was denied and felt desperate. Instead of reacting, however, I went back to my center, visualized on my dream, and for some reason that spanish mansion kept popping up in my mind and heart’s eye. I said “universe if this is meant to be, I ask for it to come to pass, my family and I need a safe space that is beautiful.”

The next day the realtor called me and said the last tenant fell through and was I interested? I said yes. my fiance and I signed the lease that week and I moved in the week after.

You never know what can happen when you are willing to let go of preconceptions and suspend your own disbelief.

To reach that state of instant manifestation you have to be willing to get to a place deep inside your heart, show immense faith, gratitude, desire and motivation, no matter what may come your way.

There is no test except the test you give yourself.

Now, all those other houses I applied to and were told no – was in effect because they weren’t what my heart truly desired or delighted in.

Consider past results as “practice” and the delay time between what you desire and what comes through for you as your time to practice. You aren’t being tested. There is nothing to test. If you can be delighted with life you can be no matter what may come and you can be focused on what you want to manifest in partnership WITH the Universe, it will come through.

What would be the Result?

As a result of practicing – you stay delighted in life and develop even greater faith you can create and manifest with the Universe, you will become someone who can manifest anything and everything instantly.

You aren’t enrolled in school! There are no tests! Let the Universe give you things to be delighted in, and you will be a person of total abundance and happiness.

Your soul is already strong. You are already everything you need to be. You have everything you need inside.

It is a matter of learning to choose to live from your heart, to be a winner of life who manifest all his/her dreams.

Sages and wise teachers say the Golden Child creates his or her own tests and challenges in life because it delights us to challenge ourselves and see what we can overcome, create and achieve. We create our own tests. We create our own challenges. We create our own setbacks. We create our own difficulties.

This wisdom says it all and the time it takes to realize the truth depends upon how deep your faith is. If every other day you come to doubt within yourself or about others or the Universe, then it takes longer to fulfill your dreams.

If your faith and passion and sense of purpose is unshakable then your dreams come true super fast.

What can you remember when you are going through a situation where nothing seems to be going right and your manifesting isn’t coming easily?



1. Replace Your Doubts with Delight, Faith and Belief
No matter how difficult it seems, replace all your doubts and confusions with total belief and immense faith that in partnership with The Universe you can create and manifest ANYTHING. Delight yourself and remember why you desire it and what you desire.
Always remember “if you can believe it then you can see it.”

2. Remember ‘THERE ARE NO TESTS’ 
If it is taking longer than expected then remind yourself  “There are no tests except the tests I’m creating for myself”

Get quiet, get your mind clear and your intuitive side these three questions:

“Do I have an expectation that this “should” happen in a specific way?”
“Is there something I’m not seeing about the situation?”
“Is there a better outcome or better solution here?”

If you get a yes to one or more of these then drill into the answer with:

“What expectation do I need to let go of?”
“What am I not seeing that I need to understand?”
“What is a better or more optimal solution for me?”

The more doubtful you become the longer it will take.

3. Practice Gratitude & DELIGHT
Make a habit of being immensely grateful to the Universe for helping create all your dreams and desires. Delight yourself as a Golden Child of the Universe. If you are frustrated, angry or feeling like things aren’t happening, realign your focus back to gratitude, appreciation, and delight.

Be grateful and delighted for every action and everything that is happening in your life right now, no matter how small it seems.

4. Rewire Yourself for Delight and Success
Repeat this declaration on a daily basis “I declare my life is delightful. I declare my dreams and desires are happening to me now. They are coming to me easily and effortlessly. I declare I am the winner of my dreams.  I am magical. I am a miracle. I am abundant.”
Use these tips and see the magic happening in your life.
Always remember ‘the Universe gives all your heart’s desires when you delight yourself fully in life.’
You can choose little moments of delights and joy, happiness, awe and wonder… and focus more heavily on frustration, fear, doubt & pain or choose to be someone who delights fully in life and lives a life of creating massive value, sharing massive value and looks to be of service and a benefit to others and well as yourself.
The more you delight and the more patient you are, the greater your dreams will be realized.
Remember The Universe is always responding to you. Even right now

Quick Activity:
write in your social media or in the comments:

I declare my life is delightful. I declare my dreams and desires are happening to me now. They are coming to me easily and effortlessly. I declare I am the winner of my dreams.  I am magical. I am a miracle. I am abundant. I am a delight to the Universe and I delight fully in being here, now.

Let’s take a moment to show gratitude and our delight in life and for one another!