How Can You Change From Being A Pessimist To An Optimist RIGHT NOW

Are you an optimistic delight maker or a pessimist who focuses on problems and negativity or the one hanging in between?

Do you know what causes you to be an optimist or a pessimist?

If you are an optimist then you are an incredible blessing to yourself, your family and to this world!

But, if you are a pessimist like most people, then you are having a difficult time in life.

But there’s more to it than just making a choice to “think positive”. It’s not just about positive thinking. It’s about action and understanding what drives you and motivates you in life to take action or to react.

The question to ask yourself today is this:

Are you more driven by pain or by pleasure?

Most people are a conundrum. They are both motivated by pain and driven to avoid pain. Most people seek out approval of the people that are important to them, and live in fear of criticism, judgment and attacks, which make them more prone to act defensive or reactive.

Yet, every single person on earth react more positively when they are fed authentic, sincere positive feedback and positive reinforcement! Every person on earth will try harder to solve problems if they feel reassured they are on the right track!

Criticism does more damage to people and can be considered traumatic. You can balance feedback in such a way that a person feels they can improve. But when fed nothing but criticism and negative feedback, they will shut down.

That’s the truth. Because of the way people in this world were raised – they are both addicted to pain and driven to avoid pain. But rarely are they taught that pleasure can be an equally powerful motivator and driver.

However, usually its what we believe is going to be painful that keeps us avoiding what we need to take action on. We’ve framed it in such a way that it will be a lot of pain associated with it. The only thing that will cause us to move from out of our status-quo in life is when we finally recognize the pain of where we are at is far greater than than the pain of changing.

People seek out momentary distractions that give them pleasure, but for the most part they do what they can to avoid pain.

At the same time, they are addicted to living in the muck of their current pain. This creates a huge conundrum that causes a great deal of problems in their lives.

They are addicted to that inner voice that causes them pain because it gives their brain the horomonal fix its addicted to. Most people in life are addicted to these stress chemicals and don’t realize their addiction causes them to stay stuck.

Every pessimist believes that being positive is too painful, too difficult. They associate being an optimist with being an idiot, being low IQ, or being ineffective in life. They may believe optimists live mediocre lives, but what they secretly are afraid of is being disappointed or heartbroken again if they choose to live with a focus on pleasure and positivity.

Most people who struggle with an inner voice filled with criticism, doubt and negativity, don’t know how to shut that voice down or where it comes from.

Then there are those people who are seeking to improve their lives, change their lives and they try hard to become an optimist, follow law of attraction but are often unsuccessful and end up struggling and falling back into their old patterns of behavior, because, lets face it, change is hard and can be painful.

A lot of people don’t believe in their ability to change. They’ve associated pain with change or trying something new with failure and failure is pain.

Apart from the optimist and the pessimist, there are people who keep vascilating because they don’t really know what drives and motivates them, they don’t know who they are and as we said before, associate pain with power and responsibility.

Are you the one hanging in between?

If you struggle to be in the zone of creative flow all the time and wonder how can I take myself to a level where I can be that optimistic creator that creates massive value in life for others, then have patience, in this Universe there is a solution for everything.

If you are a pessimist or you are the one hanging in between and bounce between being super positive & active and super depressed and negative then you are reading what you need at this moment.

In this post, I am sharing the simplest secret of what is triggering all of this. And most importantly, understanding the reason will help you find the key to unlocking your unstoppable momentum in life.

Your success and manifestation depends upon the kind of person you choose to be, whether you are an optimist or pessimist, a doer or a wishy-washy maybe someday person.

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