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There are many Myths that hold us back from delighting fully in the gift of life.

There are many pervasive spiritual myths that hold millions back from fully engaging and delighting in life and manifesting their reality as they desire. The first one I’d like to disclose to you is this strange idea that we were automatically enrolled into some kind of “spiritual” school to pass or fail.

Myth #1: You are in a physical body living life to
learn lessons so you can be a better person & graduate.

Someone once made up an allegory that we are living through a spiritual school with grades and judgements to try and explain why life can be so difficult.

Schooling was the closest example the scholar could come up with to describe what he understood as the ever-evolving mysteries of the spiritual realm. He ardently believed we were always being judged and graded for our miserable efforts at leaving the physical plane by a god or a system beyond our understanding. This belief eventually fostered the graded system of mystery schools and eventually the graded system we find enmeshed in all major world religions.

Eventually, as we all know, when something is written often enough, it becomes held up as “truth” without inspection or regards to where it originated. Writers of spiritual books to this day have copied down this idea without any real direct introspection or direct experience with the Realms of Light themselves.

Everywhere around in our human society we see judging and schooling systems of all kinds. We allow our human society’s illusions to influence our own spiritual understanding, rather than the other way around.

Why is this myth so pervasive?

School seems to be a reasonable explanation. After all, sitting in school, learning lessons on the playground as well as in class, having to kowtow to an authority figure and do what they tell us lest we be punished, it all sounds very similar to our spiritual teachings.

Yet, as most people have discovered, school itself  ultimately contributes little real tangible value to the overall experience of a person. 80% of the hard work and struggle in school consists of nothing more than busy work and ultimately needless waste, the symptoms of which we see so frequently played out in the illusion of our human society.

Many spiritual teachers also seem obsessed with this concept of schooling the soul. They teach that we ascend through some kind of karmic grading system. They feel justified in perpetuating this myth of life as a spiritual school as it continues to fill their own schools and centers with hopeful seekers desperately looking for any way to graduate from this eternal, cyclical kindergarten.

One very famous spiritual teacher has long promoted this idea of a school system for souls. He was heard saying the following: “At the heart of spiritual school is an invisible core curriculum, to help us realize the hard life-lessons that comes our way, to make us better people, that we might be lucky enough to be judged ascended enough to enter heaven.”

Individuals invested in the illusion of life as a spiritual school of hard-knock lessons foster for themselves lifetimes of hard work and daily struggle. Those who believe it are so invested in it, so caught up in constantly enduring painful lessons, doing what they think is their spiritual duty, that they cannot possibly see another way.

They get angry when this paradigm is tested by others. They rail against it because it threatens their delicate reality they have framed for themselves that they are indeed working hard for some bigger and greater reward. These struggles, these duties, these painful lessons will not end,  as long as they remain invested in them. Thus, conflict and drama will continue.

~ The Paradigm Shift:  Life is Meant to Be Fully Experienced and Enjoyed ~

The universe is nothing if not conservational and efficient in its design of systems and use of energy. It’s an expert in manifesting maximum results using the least amount of energy possible. So are we… by the way. That’s why we are here at the leading edge of experiential awareness – the non-material made material to experiment, grow and expand and return delighted with our experiential play-dough. We simply forgot that we are capable of such great works of art. That is what this material world is, a great, magnificent work of co-creative, collaborative art.

If we look into ancient esoteric texts that are far removed from most of the modern world religions or study the akashic libraries, you’ll find no mention is made of physical life being a “spiritual school”.

We Are At Our Most Optimal Capacity to
Manifest & Master Creation When We Are At PLAY

When we are pressured, we are anxious, stressed, watching the clock, we lose sight of our ability to master anything truly sublime and valuable, for we believe we are being judged by an illusory set of standards.

We are at our most optimal capacities to manifest and create when we are in the midst of proactive PLAY that delights all our senses. When we are not judging, grading or holding ourselves to a standard that does not reflect anything relevant or relational. We are able to lose ourselves to the flow of the moment, feeling at one with the universe when we are playfully creating and experimenting.

When we play, we lose ourselves to the void where even time and space itself disappears. There is no school on earth or beyond that teaches such an ability. This state of being is our most natural, effortless, unraveled state of pureness possible. Every child has this power to manifest and create effortlessly.

The material reality is nothing more than a play-dough land of plasticity and malleability. We only get to master it  through actually playing and experimenting with it.

Our reality of our manifestation becomes whatever we focus on.

If you are invested in the belief that life is nothing but an ongoing series of lessons and hard work, struggles and pain, the net effects of this belief is what you will receive.

How painful it would be to believe you are trapped in a school run by a petty principal that has no end, no beginning, no graduation date and no real functional purpose, and yet wastes most your most valuable assets!

Lessons have absolutely nothing to do with why you’re here.

The Infinite did not “create” you or “put” you here randomly into some kind of school where at the end of your life you only get a pass or fail. We are divine light beings having a physical experience. We are here to experience pure, unadulterated unattached bliss and delight in all its forms.

You created you. You lifted a physical form from nine talas kingdoms and you descended twelve realms yourself to merge into this physical form. You are most definitely a magnificent creator and most certainly not in kindergarten to “learn lessons”. You are here simply to experience manifesting in this realm. But that’s just play. Playful play. Joyfull play. DeLightFULL play.

There is nothing to graduate from, no test to pass and no grade to earn.

If you did sign up for “life as a school” you’ll never graduate–the lessons never end and there’s no great reward for harming or condemning others or yourself.

If you can let go of this belief, you can give yourself the gift of what you are really here for: a happy, delightful lesson-free life and being who you uniquely are already – a facet of the Infinite expressing itself for its own great delight.

Of course you will learn, master and evolve! Life IS ever changing, ever-expanding, and ever-evolving. However, we all learn our best and retain our mastery in things we truly enjoy and truly immerse ourselves in deeply.

You can go be happy now.

Quiet your mind, repeat this beloved mantra today:

“I choose to be on a DeLightFULL vacation and make it the rest of my life.

School is over for me.”

~ Namaste ~



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