Once you start taking inspired, intuitive actions, you take yourself to the next level. Inspired intuitive actions delight us and help us feel like we are creating and serving at a higher level. Intuition is the key to all of this – which I teach people how to master effortlessly. I offer a powerful Intuition Mastery Program called Intuition for Success. If you struggle with listening to your intuition, this program will change your life.

If you just need a little guidance on how to do this, my free 7 Day Intuition Acceleration System Course may be just the thing you need to tune back into yourself.

And when you start listening to your intuition, the miracle starts happening and the universe starts gifting you with all kids of wondrous gifts right and left.

But you have to also do one more thing – that is to de-armor your heart and open yourself up wide to RECEIVE everything waiting for you.

That means taking courses or working with someone who can help you do all that: help you clear out the  mental junk in your truck, help you reveal and heal the emotional issues in your tissues. Help you drop your fears, drop your defensiveness, drop your self-doubt, drop all the things holding you back and embrace the true desire to impact and delight other people at the next level with your creative actions and massive value only you can deliver.

If you are struggling with any of this, its time to look inside yourself, do some deep inner work, listen to your inner voice, act on your intuition, and clear the money mythology that’s held you back all your life.

When you can see where you are going down a path that leads to a dead end, you can course correct by coming back to your center, breathe deeply and visualize, or go on a guided healing meditation journey and refocus on what truly delights you fully in life.

If anything is going wrong, hold the situation up for yourself, assess yourself FIRST (not the other person or the situation), ask yourself “does this really delight me, or does it distract me?” “What am I doing to create this problem and how can I inverse it to create a solution?”

Then you can begin to rectify that habit and begin your day in a new way. Then next time do it with a deep sense of passion, joy and appreciation.

When you see your vision board, create a burning desire for your dreams and desires and take your inspired intuitive action every day to delight yourself fully in life, your heart and soul will be filled with oceans of joy and passion.

Then you know sure you are in the right unique vibration for you. You are perfectly aligned and every manifestation is being created for you at super speed.

But hold on there is Two More Magical Keys to unlock the secret of Rapid, Effortless Manifestation. None of it has to do with what’s been taught before.

In the next post, I will explain the last two Keys to creating and manifesting ALL your dreams. And you will know why they are needed and how great Masters have all used them in manifesting their dreams and desires.

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