The Best Version of You that You Can Be is: The Optimistic Delight Maker – A Master Manifestor

No matter how bad the situations are, no matter how uphill their journey is, no matter how many battles they fought with adversity, no matter how many times they failed in the quest for success and happiness, once they have been introduced to the truth – the hidden Universal Wisdom, to the Law of Delight, to the true epiphany of forgiveness, love and ecstatic bliss of living a life of delight, these people never look back.

They realize “YES! THIS IS THE ANSWER FOR ME!” They put on their wings, tighten their belt and take their first leap of faith that they can soar to their first dreams and then the next, and then the next and the leap never stops because now they find they can soar without fear.

These people are determined to make every day count.

And ready to make every moment filled with Happiness, Passion, Fulfillment and Joy.

These are the people who give and create value until it hurts.

They practice daily acts of service, daily ways to delight themselves and others, they focus on gratitude, visualization, meditation, appreciation, and self-love every moment of every day.

They realize life is way too short to live any other way.

The only thing they focus on is that they are taking their journey along a road that grants them the power of choice. They take back their power to choose the path, no matter how hard it seems at first, but what they find is the road of the road of delighting themselves fully in life is paved with daily small acts of creating value for others and themselves. And they don’t worry about what they aren’t getting because they fully believe they are getting everything they ever dreamed of and desired in every moment of every day.

These “delight makers” are dreamers, visionaries and adventurers who believe that it’s a Magical Life because THEY MAKE IT SO.

They believe it can only be lived by investing 100% in developing their own unshakable faith in themselves AND the Universe. They see themselves and the rest of the Universe as ONE AND THE SAME.

They know what they want, they never ask how its going to happen or from where it’s going to come from because they truly truly trust with every fiber of their being that the Soul of The Universe will reward them for delighting themselves and others fully in life and living a life of moderation, peace, truth, beauty and creating magic for themselves and others.

These people became the golden children of the Universe. They become the WINNERS. They become the HEALERS. They seem to have a magical golden touch because they don’t doubt in the Universe’s ability to work miracles THROUGH them.

They become WILDLY HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE. They PROSPER. They have passion for living life full out. because they got deep, clear, and got on their knees and did the deep inner work to clear out the junk in their mental truck.

They see they were more heavily invested in their fear than in their passion, in their heartbreak than in themselves. They “wake up”, realizing they what were invested in for so long is costing them everything – and holding them hostage – not liberating them.

They let it go and refuse to return to the dungeon of their past to be tortured ever again.

While others wonder how they do it, many others say they are just the ‘Lucky Ones’.

The truth is, they are no different from the others. They weren’t born lucky, but they learned something valuable through their struggles and pain.

They discovered the truth – the Universal way of collaborating and being in a place of love & delight rather than fear & resentment.

They create what they want even before it comes to physical reality because they are delighting themselves AND creating immense value for others.

They focus on solutions, not problems, they focus on outcomes not risks. They focus on innovation and greater ideas than limitation and lack.

They respect & honor themselves and others and believe completely in the Universal way of rapid creation.

That’s how they magnetize their Dreams, which seems to be lucky. They invest fully.

They listen to their heart, their intuition – the voice deep within and follow it, wherever it leads them.

These are the people who know that on the journey of life every day counts. And they truly value the gift of The Universe and they choose to live each day in Bliss.

As you are reading this far, I CONGRATULATE YOU for not being a pessimist because if you were one then you would have left this 7 Day program by now.

Certainly, you are a Super Optimistic Delight Maker. And if you are not there yet you are on your way. You make the choice. It’s your decision! You aren’t born one way and that’s it. This is something you can radically alter in your life!

The best part is that even if you are the SECOND KIND – now the time has come to resolve to make a choice, get super invested in YOUR LIFE and start a life of total bliss to become the Golden Child of The Universe.

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