The Second Kind: The On-again-Off-again Wishy-Washy, Indecisive “I’m trying” Type

This type of person may have once been like the pessismist, or they were raised by pessismistic parents or heavily influenced by a negative person, but they themselves inside feel there is a better way to live. They truly do want to make their life better.

They’ve experienced disappointment and hurt, or the self-doubt keeps them from being fully committed. They lack confidence due to some old mistakes and failures. They truly didn’t desire to hurt themselves or others, but their past holds them rather stuck.

They vascillate because they are not 100% invested in returning to faith and belief they have power. Usually this person has experienced a little self-empowerment, but are afraid of their power or afraid of being seen or heard because they’ve been attacked or criticized or heavily judged in the past.

They want someone to take the responsibility to help them and heal them. They need a guru – because they are afraid to take back their power and be the guru over their own lives.

They keep reading self-help books, go to seminars, looking for healers to heal them, they love reading about the Law of Attraction, intention setting, and they take all kinds of classes. They feel like they don’t have enough knowledge so they go on information overload thinking “if I get more information, something will shift inside me”.

They love watching inspirational videos and movies like the Secret or many others on Universal wisdom. However, they are easily influenced by people they secretly believe have “more value” or “more power” or is somehow “above them”. They are followers, not leaders.

The moment they watch, hear or read all such resources, they may cry, may become really motivated in the moment and say “Yeah!!! I can change everything in my life using THIS! THIS IS THE ANSWER!”.

They get their heart and soul filled with a lot of energy and optimism. They believe. And here is the thing – false gurus, fake healers and teachers LOVE preying on these kinds of people. They hook into this person’s energy field and DRAIN THEM.

This person has no discernment about who or what they follow. They will try ANYTHING. They are really focused on not letting their skeptical mind influence them, because they did that before and life was full of suffering.

In the moment of hearing something motivating or inspirational  they believe they can make all their dreams come true. They keep thinking about this for few days and in the beginning, even they manifest many small and big wishes also.

But then they flip a switch to the OFF MODE.

Now sometimes this is because this person is surrounded by negative skeptics and naysayers who easily influence this person. They put greater value on other people’s opinions than on their own investment of time and energy.

Or they get filled with old programmed self-doubt, disbelief and lack of faith and fear they grew up with in their childhood.

After few days, they forget to follow what they learned.

They stop being an optimist about life. They stop practicing gratitude. They stop looking for joy. They stop practicing the new habits.

They stop doing good work for others and forget about appreciating life. They stop loving themselves.

Why? Usually because a situation rose up in their life to be healed or released, but because they weren’t ready to deal with it, they let the situation overwhelm them and they ran away in fear. They are still triggered by old patterns of trauma or heartbreak and disappointment they aren’t ready to let go of. They still have some clinging to their past.

Eventually, they don’t do anything they have learned but they still expect change.

After a couple of weeks, they found nothing good is happening in their life. Or they got sucked in by a toxic life partner, relative, employer, healer, false teacher and are are allowing themselves to be be victimized and abused. They haven’t taken their power back.

That’s when they start getting frustrated saying “Nothing works, nothing is happening, all this stuff is fake.  I keep attracting the same things! They again go back to their default struggling mode of life”.

But these are not a hopeless kind of person. They’ve bypassed some negative influences and have a deep wellspring of love and appreciation.

They are still struggling to get their needs and wants met, but if they can’t stop this waffling, they may end up sinking back into the negative quicksand.

This kind of person has a deep desire for the improvement of their life. But they don’t feel they know enough. There is doubt that wages an internal war.

Somewhere in their heart, they know that “THEY CAN DO IT”. But the only problem they face is the lack of consistency and being willing to invest 100% into playing full out and renewing their commitment every day to living a new life.

After a month or so, again they hear that quite inner voice to tell them you can do this and then try again.

They again get some success but then something or someone outside of them triggers them and pulls them right back down into the negative quicksand. Why? because they put greater value on seeking approval of others than they do in living life the way they want to.

They keep on and off from happiness and usually they fulfill their dreams that they think are small but fail in the ones they see are “too big” for them or that they aren’t worthy of receiving. they forget that for The Universe everything is same and to be truly abundant you  need your continuous investment in focusing on your dreams and desires.

Is this sound familiar to you?

If you hear a YES for within, no worries now the time has come to take a leap of faith into the FIRST TYPE of person because now you know why small things come easily to you, but not the big ones.

Time for You to Become the Delight Maker, Master Manifestor,  Creator and Achiever in Life.

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