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We want your success, delight and passion to show up everywhere: in your relationships, your finances, your career, your health, and in your ability to delight the world with your acts of creation!

The Law of Delight is the most powerful force at work for you in your daily life.

Are you ready to let go of the old way of doing and being?
Are you ready to let go
of struggling, working hard, fear, lack, and limitation?

I’ve been to the depths. I’ve known all the struggles of chronic health problems, bankruptcy, business loss, financial lack, mental health struggles, homelessness, and overwhelming stress and uncertainty. I’ve experienced the strife, the lack of love, the sense of failure, the self-doubt, the depression, the physical and the emotional pain. There is another way. A way of ease and grace. Take my hand and follow me.

Isis Jade – The Goddess of Delight helps transform the lives of her students.

14  Do you ever feel afraid or uncertain…

…about your career, your health, your home, your finances, your love life, or even just about the world at large? Are your dreams or intuition calling you, but you are not clear what to do? Are you unsure about what is next for you in your journey?

14 Are you struggling or feel discouraged…

…with the sluggish approaches or nonexistent results you seem to receive from years of therapy, counseling, or endlessly processing one issue at a time using “mindfulness” practices or even the endless cycle of energy or spiritual healing?

14  Do you wish there was an easier way…

… to manifest the life of your dreams with ease and grace? A happier life could be yours without the drudgery of endlessly seeking the next problem to fix, heal, clear, process, simply by embracing one key secret…

Place your left hand over your heart, your right hand over your belly.

Look into Isis Jade’s eyes for a few minutes and breathe slowly. Deeply.

Now, smile.

Close your eyes…

Notice inside – what you feel.

How you feel.

This is what The Law of Delight can give you.

It is that effortless.

The Law of Delight is the light switch that flips your Inner Delight Maker FULL ON.

No more worrying about your “vibrational state”. No more concern about whether or not you are “doing it right”.

You begin to experience the world from a whole new level of delight making, passion and joyful spontaneous acts of creation. You’ll gain a far more powerful, expansive energy that continues to expand as you continue to experiment with creating what delights you most in life…

I recommend closing your eyes and just focus on one step at a time.

Now, take my hand and let’s learn a little and create something, together.

You see, the path of least resistance will always open itself up on your behalf. It has no choice. The right doors will always open, and beautiful experiences are always awaiting your exploration and indulgences.

All you have to do – is take the first step to delighting yourself, my dear.

And don’t worry. You are never alone! We’ll always be here.

From there, any energy wasted on issues, worries, anxieties, fears, problems and challenges can be inversed with ease and grace towards manifesting what you long for. Problems and limitations will be muted like shadows in a watercolor painting, being used to give your experiences depth, meaning and even deeper gratitude and joy.

My work with The Law of Delight uses the Feminine Energy of Divine Love – merged with the Masculine Energy of Divine Light. This mergence is called the catalyst of DELIGHT Energy.

Delight Energy is the most powerful energy force in The Universe.

The Law of DELIGHT effortlessly clears, heals, and delights you, giving you back your power and energy to allow you to create endlessly as you relax and learn to flow with ease and grace.


Divine Love and Divine Life Weaves Together to Create the Catalyst that Manifests All Good Things on Your Behalf.



The Law of Delight Operates Along the Mathematical Formula of the Fibonacci Sequence, Otherwise Known as The Golden Spiral.

This is the function of Creation. All acts of creation that manifest into our physical reality out of potential require a catalyst. That catalyst is The Law of Delight.

Allow me to explain. There is no “work” that needs to be done, except what you delight in that  moment to do.

90% of the work isn’t even yours to do–it’s done FOR you on your behalf. As many gurus, philosophers and sages, such as Plato, Aristotle, the Divine Lola Jones, Sri Chimnoy, and Sri Auborindo have taught us.

Now, here here is why.



A Delight Shared is A Delight Squared.

Let’s follow the Fibonacci Sequence for a moment…

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811…

Everything in the Universe that has been created out of potential energy follows this pattern. Nearly every physical aspect in existence in the universe is engineered around this ratio, either consciously or unconsciously, ranging from the human body to trees, to pinecones, to flowers, to animals,  to snail shells, even to the orbits of the planets.

The prevalence of the Golden Ratio is positive evidence of a common design uniting a wide variety of phenomena which we all share with one another in common. We are all part of source of pure potential.

We all must burst free from source potential into physical form by using a catalyst. The Fibonacci Sequence contains the catalyst.

The Law of Delight is known as the Divine Sequence. All you have to do is be present in the moment, be Divinely Guided and Delight yourself fully in life. That’s YOUR job. The rest happens automatically as the Universe ALWAYS rewards DELIGHT energy with squaring that energy and sending it right back to you, over and over in an endless, golden spiral of expansion and growth.


This happens in every aspect of life.



The Law of Delight is the Universal Energy Multiplier.

All the Law of Attraction states is Like Attracts Like, But the divine law for all acts of creation is hidden and codified within The Law of Delight itself.

Explore the Book:  Delight: An Enlightened Path to Transforming Your Life, Invest in the Law of Delight Course, gain access to the audios, videos and retreats, you’ll discover that the more you delight yourself, the more is done for you on your behalf.

You become bathed in a vortex of powerful DELIGHT energy. This requires no effort on your part, except your willingness to say yes! to life and let delight guide your way.


When we experience trauma, especially early in life when we are vulnerable, we “freeze” painful or terrifying incidents in our bodies and brains. Over time, we start to feel like we are getting further and further away from what we want. 



If you’ve done some reading or even therapeutic work on how trauma affects the mind, the physical and energetic body, you know that many of us struggle for our lives to rid ourselves of the pain, but don’t seem to ever quite trust enough to  “let go & let grace”.

Sometimes it can devolve into a negative energy addiction (what I call NEA™), that results in a downward spiral, affecting every aspect of your life.

If we don’t discover the answer to how to clear trauma, that stress gets stuck inside of us and can affect us and our families for generations. On top of that, when anything that feels even vaguely similar happens to us again, the old feeling is reactivated and our brains replay a whole host of survival reactions designed to keep us “safe from physical harm”, but often are so life-negating themselves, that we become increasingly self-isolating, self-loathing and lost.

It all may seem overwhelming.

I know it was for me.

After escaping from a human trafficker, I struggled for years with healing my mind and body. I spent six months living in a dark cell similar to this, with no light. And virtually no human contact.

To overcome it all? The anger, the pain, the guilt, the heartbreak, the fractured sense of identity. No I didn’t believe it was possible. But it was.

The truth is, your heart and soul always has all the answers.

If you learn to delight yourself fully in life, you can transform yourself.

If we can’t get unstuck, or we get trapped by that negative energy vortex, our reaction to a similar situation gets worse each time it’s triggered, not better.

What happens is similar stagnant energy clump around that original incident like twigs flow downstream to be caught by a few rocks, creating a walled up dam that blocks life from flowing with ease and grace into your life.

Eventually it gets to become too much, too overwhelming, and you shut down.

Or you could say your original trauma snowballs and collects more similar energy as it rolls downhill in a downward spiral.

That’s why people can feel like “things never change no matter how hard I work on myself.”

What if you “forgot” or don’t know how to delight yourself?

Here’s the key. The Energy of Divine Love and Divine Light Woven together within you becomes the catalyst for Delight to help you break free, once and for all.

Delight Energy instantly clears the dam of unwanted stagnation and feelings altogether, without once having to process individual incidents. It’s simply a matter of choice. I choose to bring into myself new energy and clear old thoughts, patterns, and feelings out.

Everything is a Delight. I have no Complaints. I am in a state of ease and grace and delight. Life is a delight. I am a DELIGHT.

Soon most of our pain, hurt, sadness, and bad-feelings are inversed and transmuted without much effort at all. I’m often told simply being in my presence is enough. 🙂 LOL!

That’s what happens when you are in the presence of a Divine Clown.

The next secret? Well, the Eternal Child within you is your most powerful secret source. Your Eternal Child is Your Delight Maker!

The best part is that when you allow energy to be transmuted on your behalf from stagnant and heavy energy and burdens into Delight energy that gives you wings, you are transformed!

When you no longer hold onto the stories that hold you back, you stop attracting those people, experiences and things that feel so much like your old drama trauma train.

The Law of Delight inverses the channels, rewires your entire reality to square the energy, expand it and deliver right back to you more of what delights you! 🙂 YAY!

Yes, I know…

You’ve never heard of The Law of Delight, have you?

The Law of Delight is known as “The Master’s Key”. That’s why. It’s usually the “last step” students and adepts are given. Rather than the first one. If you’ve delved into some of the more esoteric works, you’ve likely only paused and considered Delight briefly.

But the TRUE Tantrics know The Law of Delight instantly rewires and restores your energy field as if by magic. Why?

Because the Divine Masculine of Light Energy and Divine Feminine of Love Energy merges within your soul and will literally transmute and transform you through your path of Delight.

The Law of Delight flows from your Divine Center. Divine Light & Divine Love meets together in your heart and manifests on your behalf outward. There is NO “hard work”, “processing”, or heavy lifting.

You learn to set your baggage and your burdens aside as you invoke Delight Energy to do for you throughout your day.

The Law of Delight is the way of the Universe. Delight Energy connects you back to Your Inner Delight Maker, the Wise, Divine Clown and the Eternal Being within that doesn’t have “issues” to resolve because it is whole, complete and delightfully divine just as it is.

You learn how to drop judgment, criticism and lack and embrace the path of ease and joy.  When you become fully embodied as The Delight Maker there is nothing to fix, heal, or change about yourself. Just learning how to be fully embodied in your life will transform everything about how you think, feel, and live in the world. You’ll drop the masks you feel you have to wear, drop the walls you think you need to hide behind to protect yourself, and you’ll embrace DELIGHT as YOUR way of life.

Do you have to “DO” Anything?

Well a large part of your involvement is simply the unlearning part. Your partnership in the Divine Spiral of Co-creation is about learning how to experiment with life again, learning how to expand yourself, how to play again.

It’s about learning simple habits to let the Divine Delight Maker that is the essence of you to shine through your life. (Psst… everyone ends up smiling BIG after experiencing DELIGHT ENERGY with me for awhile, it’s rather contagious!)

Yes, it really is effortless once you discover your own unique way of delighting yourself fully in life.

Life is too short to not be fully embodied and fully engaged with life and all the Delight Makers who exist here!

“Can change REALLY happen @ the Speed of Light?”

If you are anything like I was, darling, you’ve amassed quite the stockpile of self-help books, CDs, online courses, retreats, spiritual gurus, seminars, energy healing modalities, and spiritual works than you can count or really have time for.

I honestly believe reading, learning, attending retreats, conferences and experimenting IS a Delightful part of YOUR journey! However, we can get caught up in an endless cycle of a victimizing “help me, heal me” paradigm and forget why we are truly here.

We might say to ourselves, “If ONLY I can fix ______ I’ll finally be able to do what I am here to do!”

Yes, that was me for many years. I was always – always trying so hard to please others, to force fit myself into someone else’s idea of labels. Oh, I shouldn’t wear ____ if I want to be taken seriously, I shouldn’t do X if I want to have Y.

UGH… All these crazy rules! Who has time for them??? I sure don’t! Do you???

Look, between you and me, it wasn’t until I stopped all the trying to be everything and please everyone else outside of myself, and asked myself, WHAT REALLY DELIGHTS ME? I looked into WHY all these teachers, healers, gurus, self-help people WEREN’T working for ME. I realized it was because they were all pretty much, saying the same things.And it didn’t work for me. Did it work for you? If it did, then you don’t need to be here, now. But if it didn’t, maybe it’s because you realized something.

You need a new way of living and being and you’ve evolved some.

I am the Goddess of Delight.

As such, I am constantly shape-shifting, changing, experimenting and delighting myself with my new experiments and interactions.

I happen to have access to a truly rare and priceless treasure no one else on earth has yet – the secret of secrets – and I’d really like to give this remarkably precious gift, to you.

THIS is SPECIAL. UNIQUE. One of a Kind.

Delight is a journey. It’s not a destination. Learning deeply about yourself, what delights and excites you MOST in life is the only goal here. I’m not here to fix you or heal you. Because I don’t see you as broken, limited, or in need of major overhaul. I love and delight in you EXACTLY as you are, here and now.

It is time you remember WHY you are REALLY here.

Delight is ever-expanding. Ever-growing, ever-playful, and ever-evolving.

it might be hard to believe it unless someone dear to you who’s experienced it told you about The Law of Delight.

And some people might feel silly sharing that Delight is a radical way of living and being.

But the truth is, Delight is the way, the path, the goal. All roads lead to one. All roads lead us HOME. AND HOME is what delights you most, brings you the deepest love, the greatest joy, enriches you, enlightens you and grows you. DELIGHT relaxes you FULLY and deepens your Self-Expression here and now.

Maybe you got excited about programs before and were terribly disappointed. I get that. I really do. Believe you me, it took me a long time to trust that I could deliver a really beautiful program that will evolve over time as you evolve into a fully embodied soul on fire for life. But that’s what I do. I evolve people. I trigger radical growth, bold embodiment and life-changing expansion in people. I give them access to parts of themselves they weren’t even aware existed. It is an enormous blessing to be able do this.

I have experienced the depth of fear, uncertainty, chaos, and doubt. I’ve experienced the bleakness of the pits of self-destruction, depression, suffering, and powerlessness. I have been there. I’ve also experienced the radical epiphanies of enlightenment, the dance of bliss with the Universe and the heights of joy and love. Because of this unique ability to see, experience all facets of you, observe without judgement and witness you as you TRULY are when you are fully embodied in life, I am able to give you immediate, tangible life direction that brings you the insight you need most.

I’ve discovered how to lead you out of the jungle quickly, and right back home to your own most authentic, powerful, divine nature as I have done for thousands of people the world over.

I don’t say that lightly. It is a great responsibility, to be able to lead someone back to their own source and center. This is not about taking your power away or usurping your energy, or getting involved in a cult, or getting you “hooked” for life. I have no intention in doing any of that.

I want to give you the only gift of freedom I know how to give. Because I’ve been both. Enslaved and liberated. And everything, in between.

To your own heart, to thy own self – be true.

Fear and doubt will arise… but when you say yes to yourself, you are saying YES! to what delights you most in life. The effortless path doesn’t mean it’s the easiest path to your dreams and desires, but it does mean it becomes the path that DELIGHTS you most in your life.

Now. I want you to go within.

Get quiet, close your eyes, and ask yourself a couple of questions:

Where will I be in a year if I continue what I am doing now?

Will I still be struggling with the same old issues, blocks, limitations, debts, disappointments, and conflicts…. the same relentless negative thoughts and feelings?

Will I work on fixing one problem only to find there’s always another, and another, and another?

Will I always be operating with questions in my mind, fear and doubt, uncertainty about life?

Or will I be well on my way to a phenomenal, delightful life that I create?

A life that is about experimenting and expanding myself, a life that’s not about chaotic reactivity, not about lessons and problems anymore

Because I made a choice today…

I listened to my heart’s deepest desires….

Get the Law of Delight Movie & Guidebook + 3 FREE Lessons, Today.

Don’t you deserve to be fully embodied and delighted with life?

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