If you want to manifest money but you are telling yourself or other people that “I cannot afford it”, that the economy is bad, the government is terrible, money is the root of all evil, or “celebrities are narcissists”, or “wealthy people don’t care”, “rich people are snobs”, “people are so materialistic”, or other such judgments that distract you and keep you from truth, then how can you manifest abundance or prosperity?

If you think people around you will try to take undue advantage of you, you cannot be successful. If you think people will just “be mean” or “all they do is take free stuff and never support me or my real work”, you are living inside of pain and trauma.

We need to bring your subconscious mind back in full alignment with your new present reality that is Infinitely, Prosperous, Wealthy You!

We need to dismantle the old mythology your subconscious mind built to protect you – and give it a powerful new framework so we can move you right out of scarcity and lack and immediately into unlimited joy, abundance and prosperity.

Now, if you’re like any of my clients, you are:

  • tired of feeling stuck in your life because there is an invisible tug-of-war that gives your Scarcity Clause™ the power to stand between you, your prosperity and your dreams.
  • exhausted with feelings of not feeling worthy enough, valuable enough, visible enough, having enough, or not being enough and know that You are not actualizing on your Divine Birthright.
  • frustrated by old beliefs, emotional patterns, blockages, fears, self-doubts, and mythologies that lock you into living a much smaller life than you truly know is possible for you
  • burdened with secret feelings of shame, guilt, heartbreak, bitterness, resentment or mistrust around your relationship to the energies of money, wealth, success, or abundance, leaving you feeling sad, drained, emptied, overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious and unfulfilled.

If you are focused on bills and debts and becoming stressed about money, you won’t create money, because you are focused on problems, not solutions and your attitude will reflect this.

Or if you become jealous and envious of someone when they celebrate their success and share that they’ve made 7-8 Million in their business while you are struggling to make 5 figures.

And you may try to do anything to have just enough money to get by.

This is not The Law of Delight in action. This is not is feeling that life is full of abundance.

Whatever money you do have, celebrate it, appreciate it, love it and be grateful for it for having it and able to give it where you need to give it.

Forgive money, forgive situations that caused you not to have money, forgive people that felt like they blocked you from money, and most of all, forgive yourself.

Whatever your intuition asks you to do, do it passionately and with delight!

Be willing to invest your energy and time into creating things that bring value to others, that solve problems that give more.

If you want to build a business, a second income or a new venture – do it with a happy heart and enjoy every moment of it believing that money is coming to you with ease and grace.

Stop worrying about payment and dues and how much something costs. Stop complaining.

Never complain about money problems or money woes, never explain why you can’t have X or can’t do Y.

Always be ready to offer an excellent product or service for the money you are making from your work or business. Deliver value above and beyond and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.

At the same time never hesitate to pay someone who is offering you a great service or product that helps your life become better.

Always spend money with an attitude of gratitude and celebration for the good things it is giving you and focus on receiving more with gratitude and joy, and celebrate what you do receive with delight and passion.

Deliver value, speak about the value you deliver and cultivate a passionate air of deep and abiding joy for what you do and give.

In order to get money, manifest money, create money, we must deliver VALUE.

I recommend watching the following 6 video series on Manifesting Money Right Now

You know that there must be another, easier way to embrace a life of prosperity, ease and grace.

You know you want to stop fighting yourself and resisting Universal Flow. You truly do want to release what is creating the resistance and the internal tug-of-war so you can embody all the things you know know deep down inside of yourself that will manifest if you do so.

I can assure you that there IS another way!

What if I told you that I have created a powerful system of soul-level energy activations and proven universal strategies partnered with the latest brainwave technologies in bioresonance, NLP, and hypnotherapy that will permanently alter your money mythology and the trauma of lack once and for all!?

What if I told you near-instant mind-body-spirit transformations that empower you to step into your divine promise of infinite wealth and abundance are completely accessible right now?

Up until now, I have only been able to share these strategies my private VIP clients who come to me for a one-on-one intensive due to technology restrictions.

However, I recently figured out exactly how to use special recording technologies to deliver these same activations & alignments to you in a very affordable way so no matter where you are in the world, you can experience the same immediate life-altering transformations my private clients experience daily.

I would love for you to join me for a very special, miraculous ealing program called “Transform Your Money & Wealth Mythology”

Are you ready to transform your Money & Wealth Mythology once and for all?

I designed this program just for you so that you can:

  • instantly release all blockages from all parts of your history that limit you from experiencing a divinely powerful relationship with money. We use specially encoded frequencies for bioenergy clearing, patented triggers to release mythologies and stored pain bodies in the energy system and mind, tools such as NLP, subliminal programming, inaudible multidimensional frequencies, activation of three key DNA polymorphisms that reawaken you to your limitless potential and more;
  • learn how to rewrite the Scarcity Clause™ in your life once and for all. We rewire your beliefs, programmed responses, emotions and thoughts surrounding money and wealth, while creating a brand-new abundance mindset so that you can fully delight in manifesting effortless success, abundance, and prosperity in ALL areas of your life;
  • shift your current activation of the Law of Actuality & Law of Attraction surrounding money & wealth. By guiding you back to the Source of Your Soul’s Divine Promise, you will encounter a startling realization about the energies symbolized through money and wealth (most people get this confused);
  • bridge the gap between your future self and your present money mythology, so that you can begin living your wealthy life IN THE HERE AND NOW. For most people, there is a lot of hidden fears around becoming wealth: the accountability, responsibility, success and visibility. We will shift all these things so you can finally embody the truly wealthy and successful future self based entirely upon your most desired and optimal outcome;
  • experience transformational energy activations to permanently align you to the divinity of abundance through money. You will learn how to fully reclaim your divine birthright of infinite wealth and abundance and be unafraid to create the space necessary in your life to embrace your divine gifts and receive the prosperity and abundance already unceasingly flowing to you.

If you were to work privately with me in a one-on-one VIP intensive focused on transforming your money & wealth mythology at my private retreat, your investment would easily be well over $7,000.

Clearly, I am not going to charge you so much for this exclusive program. In fact, I am not going to charge you anywhere close to that to receive this sacred and exclusive guidance provided to accelerate you into your soul’s next grand adventure. You will learn how to master The Law of Delight through healing yourself fully and realigning with divine truth right now.

You can find out more about transforming your money and wealth by clicking here.

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