The same strategies to manifesting a perfect partner or divine right relationship apply to manifesting your dream job or dream business.

It begins with delighting yourself fully, taking daily inspired actions, claiming your power, showing deep delight in your strengths and blessing your weaknesses because your dream job or dream business will lovingly support you!

If you want a dream job but you are feeling stuck because you are unemployed, or you feel like your boss is terrible and you are ready to quit your present job to do anything else just to get out from under the daily pain, or you want to just change for the sake of escaping – that is not enacting The Law of Delight!

That’s simply trading one prison for another.

The Law of Delight requires you to figure out what your purpose is, your strengths, your weaknesses and your gifts are so you can use them to the very best of your ability to delight yourself AND others.

That’s why it is vital to figure out what your talents are and to claim and own your mission in life.

Your fastest path to financial solvency is through delighting yourself and others while you create and give immense value to the world. Your dream job or dream business will allow you to do exactly that.


To discover your perfect job or business you need to dig deep inside yourself to figure out

1. what motivates you

2. what drives you

3. what excites you

4. what gives you meaning and helps you feel of value

5. what gets your creative juices going on creating solutions

6. what gets epiphanies

7. what creates fear and frustration

8. what others say you are great at

9. what others thank you for doing for them

10. what other people say they can’t do that you find very easy to do (its often something you didn’t realize you could charge for)

It will be something that you enjoy day in and day out, and will be something that will make you come alive with passion and speak or act as though Spirit is speaking or acting through you.

“The meaning of life is to find your gifts. The purpose of life is to give them away.” ~ Picasso

This is truly what ultimately delights us in life, to find our gifts and give them to others. But not to give away without a form of exchange in place. You must be delighted! You’d be delighted to make money from your passions and gifts, right?

You also have to overcome your fears of being seen, heard, and yes at times criticized, complained at, and trolled.  Your divine right clients and customers will LOVE what you do for them, but we often have to go through the weeds to find our treasures!

The Universe offers a multitude of experiences – and if you are addicted to negativity, you’ll focus on negative things.

If however, you are addicted to the delight in life, you’ll focus on delighting yourself and others.

Step 1: Commit to never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop challenging yourself to develop yourself. Invest deeply and fully in yourself.

Once you know what your dream job or business is, make a list of all the qualities, skills and assets you need to develop and the areas you need to improve on in order to be the divine right provider to your divine right clients and customers. Remember, you want to delight yourself FULLY in life & delight your divine right people.

So that also means – you need to have room in your life for hobbies, things that delight you, reduce stress, bring you joy, a sense of fulfillment, and connection with others.

Step 2: Keep blessing your present job, keep blessing your present manager, keep focusing on the positive of what your job does give you and keep blessing your co-workers.

Your attitude determines your altitude. Don’t be a people pleaser, but work to improve dynamics at work by focusing on what you personally can take action on and create massive value by solving some key issue.

Show up with an attitude of gratitude every day.

Step 3: Practice The Rubber Suit & Invincible Aura Technique

What I tell my clients is visualize activating your invisible rubber bubble suit app every morning on your smart phone before you get out to go into work and then turn it off every evening before you leave. This way you are protected from any toxicity or negativity. Visualize that the app automatically protects you.

Secondly, visualize that you are surrounded by a powerful aura of pure power and dynamic creative solutions. That all the toxic nonsense in work bounces right off you or is absorbed by this powerful aura and turned into pure positive energy. This keeps me focused on creating the outcomes I desire in my working relationships with others and focusing on innovation.

Step 4: Ignore imbalanced, unfair, or unhealthy criticism.

If someone is spreading rumors about you and they don’t work directly with you, “That may be their unfortunate opinion, however it is not true.” and walk away. Don’t engage. Just simply make that one statement and don’t lower yourself to defend yourself. Allow your actions to speak. Don’t entertain gossipers and don’t be caught gossiping.

If unfair or unhealthy criticism is coming from a superior you can say something like, “I appreciate the feedback, I’ll take it into consideration” and immediately change the topic to something you’d rather address by asking an open ended question.

If you believe the criticism is unfair or imbalanced ask “what specific suggestions do you have that I can use to address/improve this situation going forward?”

If you feel like the critique is an attack on you professionally, or based on someone trying to get you in trouble by spreading false information, use this:

“I’m hearing you say _____ (reframe what you just heard). I’m guessing the reason this is an issue is because ______ (fill in what you believe is happening). I’m guessing that the inaccurate information this criticism is based on has led you to believe I am not meeting your expectations or the specific job requirements. I was not aware my job requirements or expectations had changed so much that my superior would be so strongly moved by invalid information to criticize me without first seeking to discover the truth. I believe the quality of my work and my results have always spoken for themselves. Thank you for the feedback, I’ll take it into consideration. Is there anything else?” As soon as you can, leave the room. Don’t get into a place where you feel you have to defend yourself. Take the higher road.

This is all about setting clear expectations and having strong boundaries. I also suggest getting line by line exactly what is expected in the job going forward so your superior cannot come back later and say you aren’t meeting your job requirements. Take back your power. You aren’t a victim at work.  Even with your superior, if you keep asking questions, take notes on his or her answers and formulate your own plan of action.

I’m all about proactivity, so my approach has always been to go above and beyond my job requirements which always netted me very happy managers, co-workers, clients and customers.

If the criticism is coming from a co-worker “I’m hearing you say _______. I’m guessing you have a need that is being unmet by the quality of work I am currently producing, is this correct? How can I help you find a solution that will resolve your issue/complaint/ unmet need?”

Ignore naysayers. Avoid the water cooler gossip. Focus on solutions in your current job, no matter how bad it is. Look for ways to improve your manager’s life, your co-workers’ lives at work. Look for ways that delight others and leave them feeling better.

Little by little you will find a path that brings you endless delight and meaning and often much better job prospects.

While you do your day job, keep polishing your true potential every day, fill yourself with possibilities and joy. Stay focused on most optimal solutions.


Additional tips to grow yourself:

  • Learn business etiquette and practice it.
  • Learn a new skill surrounding a current problem and offer to solve it.
  • Ask your manager weekly what you can do to help him/her make his/her job easier and look for ways to improve.
  • Ask yourself what you can do to be a better employee, coworker, manager, and take action.
  • Read one personal development book a week.
  • Take one personal development seminar or course a month.
  • Network at least 2 times a month outside of your company. Grow your contacts.
  • Don’t worry about what you aren’t getting.
  • Focus on what delights you to make, create, do, solve and serve for others.
  • Practice kindness even if other people aren’t kind.
  • Ignore unkind people, reward kindness and helpfulness.
  • Thank everyone every day in small ways and large ways.
  • Always say hi with a smile on your face to every person you meet.
  • Don’t get into draining debates or useless arguments at work or during meetings.
  • Take control and reframe all conversations back to a positive outcome or positive solution.

Law of Delight coaching is all about your own power to manifest delightful outcomes situations at work. Often my clients find they’ve manifested better working relationships simply by learning to ask for what they want and need in healthier ways, clarifying their boundaries, honoring and respecting themselves at work. They find that by asking for clarity and requesting people to remain solutions oriented, they’ve changed the internal energy of the working situation and often that’s when the miracles start to take place.

My clients have manifested multiple raises, promotions and new businesses and have doubled, even tripled their income all through practicing law of delight!

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