Every single client and student I’ve taught the Law of Delight to have gone on to manifest their dream partner or dream relationship rapidly. Some in as little as 14 days. The average time frame has been 60-90 days. The longest time frame for any of my students was – I kid you not – 114 days. Only because she had some deep-seated stuff to clear out around forgiveness, trust, self-love and self-respect. IF you are willing to do the following, you too, will be on your way!

Let’s say you want to welcome into your life true love and an amazing partner, but you have been unhappy in your past relationships and you are hanging on to the baggage of heartbreak, trust issues, or a lack of belief.

Or you pin all your expectations on another person and expect them to “make” you happy by acting in ways, saying things and doing things the way you think they “should”.

Or you  think that in all your previous relationships all the men/women were same – distrustful, selfish, angry, unfaithful, emotionally unstable… and it’s terribly difficult to find a person that is right for you. It’s like you’ve gone to fifty department stores and tried on all these sweaters but they are all either too itchy, too tight, too long, too baggy or too ugly and don’t go with anything in your closet.  So you tell yourself, “the sweater styles this year are all bad! I’m never going to find one I like!” And low and behold, you go to another 5-6 stores and you still can’t find one!

If you think like that, then no matter how badly you want a good partner or how many vision boards you make, you won’t find one because what you are doing is creating chaos. On one hand you go out and “try” on sweaters but you don’t quite know exactly what kind of sweater you want, but you know what you don’t want. So you keep running into what your focus and your awareness shows you – everything you don’t want.

You are taking action, but you haven’t changed your internal self-talk and beliefs, you are still carrying negative beliefs, trauma and fears from your past.

As a result, you can’t find a perfect partner or else if at all you find that perfect partner you keep focusing on the negative and looking for and finding all the things you don’t want in this person.

We create what we focus on.

How to Manifest Divine Right Relationships with Mr. or Ms. Perfect Partner Now.

Step 1:  Get delighted about both the inner qualities and outer manifestations this person will have by being delighted by the inner and outer qualities YOU have.
The first step of Inspired action is to believe that you are delighted in yourself and in your life right now. Your perfect partner is going to be attracted to your inner joy, your inner light, your inner beauty and your inner self, not what you can do for them, not what you can give them, and not what you look like. Now, that being said, if you are a precious treasure, and you are, you need to dress, act and show up to life in that way. Treat yourself as a priceless treasure first.
Make a list of all your strengths, qualities and joys. Bless all of your weaknesses, because your perfect partner will be strong in the areas you are weak.

We can fantasize all day long about someone we met who appears to be a perfect 10 on paper. He or she is fit, in shape, has his or her own business, drives a car that’s paid off, owns several pieces of real estate and investment properties, travels and lives his or her dreams… and on and on…

…but if we are not clear on the inner qualities we have and who we are, then we will miss out on that perfect partner for us who has all that AND has the inner qualities of loyalty, drive, commitment and unwavering love, faith and belief in YOU.

This perfect 10 on paper that we are so focused on obsessing over –  he or she may have no ethics or his or her values are not in alignment with yours, or maybe is emotionally unavailable, or so hurt that he or she hurts or abuses others. Your so-called “Perfect 10” may be too self-focused and out of alignment with their soul that they cause chaos in your life because they don’t know what they want.

On the other hand you may be overlooking how your wounds affect your relationship with someone who is otherwise perfect for you in every other way and fail to see how your emotional issues in your tissues and your mental junk in your truck is affecting the outcome of your relationship with this person.

You can manifest that one perfect person who is perfect for you and that person is out there, no matter what you have experienced in your past. But as with anything, there is a process to this and it begins with self-love and deep self-appreciation for YOU. Law of Delight coaching takes this deep because we believe that true self-love and self-value is the most vital component to being delighted fully in life.

Step 2. Believe the world is full of great and amazing people and there is more than one who is perfect for you.

If you are wonderful and amazing, if you are delighted with yourself, then its easy for you to take this step. You can believe that right here, right now the the world is full of great and amazing men/women and there is more than one who is perfect for you. You start to feel it, see it, visualize it and deepen your connection to this person.

Instead of thinking this person is “out there somewhere”, and you have to search constantly for them, begin to delight in the fact this person is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW open, ready and available to fall head over heels in love and delight with you. That you are worthy, you are deserving of all this love and delight and that you can experience a deep wellspring of fulfillment and joy with this person right here, right now.

Step 3. Practice REAL ACTION-BASED Gratitude & Appreciation for ALL Past Relationships

You get down on your hands and knees and THANK the Universe for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who’s ever been in relationship for you to show you all the things you can practice to be better and higher functioning and then you appreciate and send a letter of gratitude and appreciation to every single person you’ve ever been in relationship with. Even if you don’t want to reengage in a relationship with a person, you can send the letter anonymously. Reach out and call people and tell them you appreciate them and are grateful for them.

This is all about taking an inspired action of gratitude and appreciation. Get so grateful and appreciative that you are crying tears of joy for these people as they are ALL gifts from the Universe designed to give you the gifts of self-expression, self-love, self-trust and self-worth. Regardless of the experiences you had with them, heart break, pain, loss of trust.

This works. I guarantee it.

Step 4. Dive into the Abyss of Forgiveness

The next step is to go into a deep well of forgiveness. Forgive YOURSELF of all the mistakes you made in relationships with others.

NEXT – Forgive EVERYONE ELSE for all the mistakes they made.

Let that stuff go.  First write letters of forgiveness to yourself and to everything you are holding resentment against. I wrote letters to my anger, to my fear, to my bank account. LOL! I wrote letters to my body, to my vagina (because I shamed myself after being raped and tortured), I wrote letters of forgiveness to everything I could think of.

Write a letter of forgiveness to your boss, your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you 5 times, that ex-girlfriend who conned you out of $50K and a condo, the woman who spurned you, the man who hit you, the man who raped you, the woman who attacked you with a frying pan.

Choose to forgive. It’s simply you “letting the past no longer influence your future”. You are focusing on something higher and better for yourself. You are assigning that issue or situation BACK to the person who did it! That’s all forgiveness is! Let them manage the consequences and fallout. It’s not YOURS to own or yours to carry. No longer do you need to feel guilt, shame, hatred, animosity, fear, bitterness or resentment.

In the Law of Delight Certified Practitioner program we teach many powerful strategies around forgiveness, but I find the Cosmic Clean Energy Flush to clear us of the past and the Universal Energy Refund through acts of total self-forgiveness is an immediate tax refund for energy systems that have been wasted in these low value experiences! 😉

Forgive your old life and partners for leaving or breaking with you. Thank them from your heart for giving you an opportunity to find the perfect partner for you.

Once you get good and grateful and FORGIVE…

Step 5: Make a list of all the qualities of your perfect partner, the perfect relationship and the perfect experiences you will share together

Now you are ready to make a list of all the QUALITIES of your perfect partner and the perfect relationship you desire for yourself. I ask my clients to make a list of at least 100 things. Not physical, but inner qualities, like being highly motivated, driven, achieved a certain level of success, etc.

Then you make your vision board, visionary movie and dream audio recording of you listing these perfect qualities with a deep sense of clarity and you’ll find yourself truly free to feel worthy, happy and deserving about it. With every image, words or phrases you use, be very, very conscious about your inner self talk and your focus.

Step 6: Never complain, never explain.

Whenever you talk about any and all relationships with friends or family, talk only about the beauty of the relationship. Don’t talk about what went wrong. Talk about what went right. Change your story. Don’t focus on the negative. For example, when I forgave my boyfriend for cheating on me 4 times, I didn’t take him back right away, but I stopped complaining about his behavior to friends and family. I realized I was so caught up in the drama of his actions, I realized I didn’t clearly express how important loyalty and commitment were to me. So I reframed this in way that said “this is required at a minimum or something even better than this.” However, I also realized this idea of sexual exclusivity was a limitation on my relationship experiences and decided to no longer make it an issue.

I decided sexual exclusivity was some kind of ownership paradigm and I didn’t believe in “owning” someone. As soon as I forgave him and let it go completely and refused to discuss it further, however, he immediately became deeply faithful, begged me to marry him and has never looked at another woman since. The shift in him was utterly miraculous and beautiful, because I point blank told him that to me, actions define a man’s integrity and honor. If you say X but do Y, you are only harming yourself.

Focus on how good it was. Talk about all your relationships as happy times, refuse to be a victim in your own memories. This was a hard one for me in particular, because I had always managed to be attracted to men who hurt me or took advantage of me. I didn’t realize it was because I didn’t believe I was worthy of a better quality relationship.

Focus on talking about good things, not gossip about other people’s relationships. Talk about couples who are happy, keep telling everyone that relationships are magical and divine, keep believing that those who happily delight in their partner just as they are will definitely create a magical, delightful relationship.

You deserve and are worthy of true love.

Step 6. Be delighted with dating and meeting new people

Believe that desire, passion and love is in the air and it is always flowing toward you and around you. That you are sensual, powerful, electrifying and high value. This helps you cultivate a magnetic aura that is unmistakable and everyone will naturally be drawn to you. You definitely don’t have to be beautiful or handsome. Its an inner quality that exudes from within you. I’ve met very short men with glasses who have a strong, palpable masculine aura about them and I’ve met women who definitely don’t meet society’s ideals of beauty (thank god!) who exude such potent feminine charm that men flock around them. When you date or meet someone, go with the anticipation of being delighted and delighting the other person. Go with a genuine smile, genuine sense of presence and a desire that this person may be just as amazing and delighted with life as you.

Be in the freedom of love; be in the joy of meeting the perfect partner, ready to be in love. And don’t be holier than thou! Be willing to meet that person wherever they are at in their stage of growth. Don’t make it about you. Make it all about us.Be in the present moment, live the moment of joy. You see the perfect partner strikes us out of the blue when we least expect it – and falls perfectly into place because we are delighted.

What trips us up in relationships are our wounds. Everyone is wounded. It’s whether or not you choose to let your wounds run your life or let your heart and soul reign supreme.

I offer secrets to rapid manifesting of your dream partner or dream relationship in my Law of Delight courses and in private coaching. If you want to learn how to do this and coach clients, I urge you to get into one of my certification programs right away.

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