How long do I have to wait for my desires and dreams to be realized?
When I see and read other people manifesting their dreams and desires in weeks or months, what’s wrong with me?

I don’t really believe in this manifesting thing. I believe in working hard and constantly challenging myself to make things happen. Why do you think this whole law of delight thing is the better way?

Can you prove to me the law of delight is better than the law of attraction?

Do any of the above questions sound familiar to you?

Then Day 5 has some answers for you.

Every now and then I have been asked to answer all these questions for many of my clients, students and followers.

These are the most common questions most people face about manifestation and creating their dreams into reality.

Those who practice the law of attraction to make their dreams come true encounter a lot more problems than people who use The Law of Delight.

Most coaches who teach the Law of Attraction says “You ask and it is given, you visualize it and you will receive it, you think deeply about it and you will manifest it, you make your vision board and live it.” But a lot of their clients will say “I’m doing all this but it’s not happening with me, it’s been months I am doing all this, but it’s not giving me any result”.

Even many tell me they are doing all this for years but not getting their desired results.

So – there are more than the steps talked about by Law of Attraction teachers.

The first thing you need to understand here is that the moment you know about the secret or the law of attraction, is kind of like the first moment of an awakening. You practice it – and just like any new habit or practice, if you are waffling or wavering in your practice you still don’t see results, and that’s because there are a few key missing steps in most Law of Attraction teachings!

Now you’ve stumbled into the NEXT level of awakening!

The action point is the point of leverage that makes all this real! You MUST invest and GIVE VALUE to the Universe before the Universe GIVES VALUE TO YOU!

So – and here is the secret to rapid manifestation – if you want ALL your heart’s desires you must delight yourself and give delight to others.

Give and delight others until it hurts, then give some more.

And here is the key to unlock all the power for you.

You need to give something that delivers so much delight to the people you serve that they cannot help but give to you in return!

The Universe works THROUGH people to create situations that create your most optimal, desired outcomes in life. So if you are sitting alone at home thinking wishful thoughts but are FAILING to get out into the world in some manner or other and connecting with other people, you will NEVER manifest your heart’s desires! Unless of course your heart’s desires are to sit along at home thinking wishful thoughts.

Delight can be an aha! moment, it can be a solution, it can be a thing, it can be an experience! But it has to be something of value you are giving others.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Picasso

Then – and only then – does the Universe set things in motion for YOU!

The moment you start believing in your divine promise, in your gifts, in your talents, in your purpose, THIS is your first manifestation of abundance and all Universal Laws are set in motion.

If you believe and are doing ALL the above, AND you’ve taken an inspired massive action to delight yourself AND giving value to others and still your wishes are yet to come true then I must say you have begun the process but still have a little unraveling to do. You’ve unlocked the universal wisdom. Now its time to fine tune and hone it.

This is just the beginning of your journey.

Now is the time to take a deeper dive into this wisdom to understand why your manifestation process is taking so long while using Law of Attraction – and How there is a better, easier way.

I will tell you the secret: there are just two simple steps for all rapid acts of creation and manifestation:


Delight is an ACTION. It requires you to Take Action. You could experience delight sitting there and doing nothing, but that might take you 30 years to receive an epiphany – like most Buddhist monks come to find out.

Or, you can choose an enlightened path to living and being every day and focus on delighting yourself fully (the key here is to FULLY delight yourself, that means all parts of you must be delighted – your mind, body, soul and heart).

Most people are not very clear about what delights them fully in life or what their heart’s desires really are.

So both parts of the equation are usually some points of stickiness. 

Once we unlock your meaning and purpose, (ie: your gift, talent and what delights you most to share it), you’ve now begun the framework for reality creation.

Its the place of believing that if you DELIGHT FULLY in life you’ll RECEIVE.

Having the unwavering faith of belief and practicing receiving with gratitude and appreciation are the two steps that also trip most people up in life.

Knowing yourself, knowing your gifts, knowing what delights you most, believing and receiving all requires you to come to a point where you get VERY CLEAR about what you want and get rid of everything in your life that doesn’t fit what you want so you make room.

This also requires inspired, intuitive action, and unwavering belief in the fact that you are worthy and deserving ALL your dreams and desires for the value you create. This isn’t about entitlement, this is about having trust and faith in yourself, AND the rest of the Universe that it is conspiring to cooperate with you and it is not against you.

When you made your dreams and desires list, you have placed your order with the Universe, now is the time to create the power within you with delighting yourself FULLY in life.

This requires inspired intuitive action through getting to know yourself and delighting in your gifts and talents. it also requires knowing how to give your gifts to the world in such a way that you delight yourself and others in life. I believe that its automatic when you delight yourself, you automatically delight others.

The actions that you take towards these goals and feel extremely joyful while doing them – ie: DELIGHTED is the secret to unlocking EVERYTHING for you in life.

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