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What We All Want

In high school I very clearly decided I wanted to be a medical doctor. You see, one of my best friends had died from cancer, a very talented, sweet young man and aspiring actor. He died way too son. My other very best friend lived most her life...

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What is Meditation?

“Meditation is not concentration, it is not mantra, it is not yantra. It is not rosary, it is not chanting. All those things are hypnotic-trance inductions only. Meditation is simple. It is simply a transformation, a transmutation, if you will,...

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The Game of Some Relationships

I don't know about you, but early on in my life I felt trapped in relationships where I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of on-going invisible game - a game that is played by ever shifting rules. I didn't know what the rules are or how to succeed, no matter what I try...

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Most Powerful Tip I Can Share with You

  So, over on my facebook wall, I have been offering daily lessons for the soul-driven woman to help manifest a divine life & biz. Well, I had just asked myself what is the single most powerful tip I could offer to you in order to empower you to create the divine life...

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