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I get it. You need some financial flow to start happening in your business. You haven’t quite got a plan in place. You haven’t quite got into a flow of moving your divine right tribe from showing mild interest into raising their hand and shouting YES! I want to work with you, play with you, be delighted by you!

What’s a soul-driven visionary entrepreneur to do? Well, isn’t it time to put the pedal to the metal and start with what you’ve already got? Start with where you are at! No, you don’t have to have a perfect program. No, you don’t have to have perfect graphics! No, you don’t have to have the very best of the very best. You just need to suit up and show up to your Divine Right Tribe and give them what they really, really, really want. 🙂 The only way to do that, is to start by taking action.

There are many ways to manifest a Divine Flow of Money with ease and grace using your gifts and talents in just 30 days. Keep in mind your Soul has an Abundance Pipeline and many conduits throughout the Universe to keep the abundance flowing to you! Follow these 5 Ideas and begin creating your own financial flow into your life by delighting YOUR Divine Right Clients & Customers.

If you are getting hung up on sales and marketing, if something’s not “clicking” for you, focus on remembering this:

Sales is nothing more than a loving conversation with your divine right client/customer.

Marketing is nothing more than waving your soul’s colors out loud to attract your divine right client/customer.

Don’t get trapped by jargon. Step into the Universal flow of abundance and allow it to wash over you. Remember, your products, courses, programs, giveaways, all of it, is designed simply to give your divine right clients and customers everything they want, so they are freed-up to give you more of what you want. And how the world operates today, is based on some really fun games! By learning to play these games with the highest and best intention, you can ensure not only that you win, but that everyone else around you, wins, too!

Effortless flow. Effortless success.

A win-win game comes from setting up your business with a foundation of integrity. It comes from a place of joy. A place of heart. A vibrant place of passion. A place of knowing you are here to deliver huge value and share your soul’s message in a way that excites and delights your perfect people! It doesn’t matter if you are here to build a publishing company, an application that enhances other people’s lives, or a life-changing program that changes the way people work out.

All you need to remember is this: when we want to step into flow we step in with the end in mind.

So, if you know you need strong financial flow, you need to begin programming the Universe to deliver you a number. A HAPPY Number. A number that resonates with your soul as “THIS FEELS REALLY GOOD TO ME TO MANIFEST!”

Not a hairy scary number, yet. Something that feels “reachable” but a stretch. It means you need to stretch a little bit outside your comfort zone and begin taking some inspired action to make it happen.

Once you have that goal, write it down on top of a blank page.

Next, download this infographic above and start brainstorming ideas regarding what you will deliver in exchange for that gift of money.

Finally, keep these keys in mind when it comes to manifesting money in 30 days:

  1. Remember: Be Proactive when it comes to creating Money Flow.
  2. Focus on the End Goal of what you want to achieve.
  3. Remember to KISS (Keep It Simple, Soul) Your Money Flow!
  4. Create that Happy Money Goal that Makes Your Soul Sing and Commit to it!
  5. Fine-Tune & Focus on What You WANT to Create (not on what you don’t want).

Need some vital assistance start moving yourself along? Get in touch with me for a reading or a VIP day.

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