The Skeptical Narrow Mind – This person is secretly hiding an afraid inner child. It could be they suffered a harsh childhood or dreams were shattered and left them feeling hopeless or pessimistic.

I call this kind of person the anti-particle. LOL! And here’s a secret. I USED TO BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! Full of pessimism, anger, resentment, hurt and disappointment. And I lashed out at everyone because i was hurting inside.

These are the people who suffered a serious heartbreak, or something shattered their belief about people or one or more particular areas of life.They secretly believe that they need to walk around with a big mask, act skeptical, tough, pushy, abrasive, self-centered or mean.

These people are often negative. They focus on “what might go wrong”. The reason this happens is because their brain was wired early on to seek “what’s wrong” to avoid pain or disappointment.

It’s not their fault as children they were trained to do this, but as adults, they often have a negative filter through which they view life. As a result, they often feel it is impossible to be happy or feel truly fulfilled. They are always looking for something “outside” of them to fill their holes inside them.

They may be addicted to depression, material possessions, stimulants, anger, intense drama, trauma, or use negative situations to get their needs met.  They may believe situations only get tougher ahead in life.

It’s safer to be a skeptic, a self-centered person or a victim than to take responsibility or personal accountability for their lives. They may never have been taught to take accountability, or their parents may have not given them the love, support, nurturing and balance they needed so they they could be healthy, happy and successful.

These people may believe ‘life is pain and suffering’.They get easily triggered, blow up about things that normally shouldn’t affect a person. And whenever a particular subject pops up, they get angry or worried or cry. It’s often an unconscious reaction to past trauma, that causes them to react now like this.

Likewise, these people often sabotage their own best efforts because they lack personal belief or faith that things will work out for the best.

And if you want to show them a solution, they may give you unlimited examples about why it’s not possible or use language like, “I can’t”, “I don’t know how”,  “I would, except for X”, or “Yeah but this is why that would never work for me….”. For every solution, they have 3-5 excuses or reasons why that “might” not work.

These are the people who came from the Planet PESSIMISM. They like to call themselves “realists”. And yes, they may be materially successful, but their relationships are a mess, or they are limited in their career paths but have a great success in their hobbies.They were often hurt or heartbroken early in life over a dream or desire they had or had unmet needs and as a result they do not trust people, situations, or new ideas.

They don’t believe in themselves. Or they only believe in the concrete, but when it comes to something that they can’t see, touch, taste, they won’t believe it.

If they believe in something beyond themselves, they end up asking questions like “Why is this happening to me?” or  “Why am I the one always suffer?”

Remember these people disrespect themselves and others. They may act like they are full of self-love, but the truth is, they are so critical of others, that they dishonor their own power of being  human and the infinite gift of being alive. They never believed in their own power and they don’t believe in your power either. They try to control you, limit you or use you in some way.They may try to influence others around them with games,  manipulation, selfish acts, and drama.

What they get in life is ‘sorrow, anger, frustration, and failure’. And then they try to convince everyone that its just how life is.That life is all about pain and failure, and looking out for yourself and forget about everyone else.
You can find many such people around you. They may be your friends,  family members, relatives, your manager, subordinates at work, and everyday strangers.

When you meet such an individual, keep in mind their opinions are theirs. Don’t try to open a closed mind or try to force open a closed heart. Send them love and keep your distance. Can this person change? YES! They can! If they are moved to improve or change their lives or relationships.But its their responsibility to do so. Not yours. If you find yourself acting in this way, ask yourself what is it you are hiding from? What pain have you not dealt with, what needs aren’t being met in your life?

Don’t buy into their painful ideas about life is suffering, war, disease, starvation, illness and bleakness. The world can be a beautiful, remarkable place. Hurting people who haven’t dealt with their inner stuff hurt other people. That’s the truth.

These people may never even know what delight, joy, happiness or real love feels like. Give it to them, don’t judge them for it. Be a way-shower, but don’t fall into their gravitational quicksand of negativity.

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